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Posted: 24.04.2019
By Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya
In the present context, one point is noticeable that Samayasāra has no belief in the bondage of soul. From this, it is also clear that when there is no bondage of the soul then what is the relevance of salvation stands? Samayasāra does not discuss this. There is a possibility that the writer has not mentioned about it intentionally because by accepting this, the nature of the soul will be similar to...
Posted: 23.04.2019
By Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya
In both Ācārā ṅ ga and Samayasāra, the existence of soul has been described in the language of negation. The resonance of 'Netivāda' as found in Ācārā ṅ ga is also found in Samayasāra in a similar fashion. Ācārā ṅ ga, by mentioning colour, smell etc. individually, denies the existence of these in the soul, where as Samayasāra...
Posted: 22.04.2019
By Dr. Samani Mangal Pragya
Jain philosophy accepts both vyavahāra and niścaya naya. Neither of them can be rejected. Because without vyavahāra, protection of sangha is not possible and without niścaya, the protection of basic principles is not possible. jai ji ṇ amaya ṃ pavajjaha tā mā vavahāra ṇ icchaya muyaha ekke ṇ a vi ṇ ā chijjai tittha ṃ tittha ṃ a...

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