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Published: 02.10.2014
Updated: 04.10.2014

Anuvrat International Conference

Relevance of Anuvrat in day to day life

Anuvrat was launched on March 1st, 1949 by Acharya Shri Tulsi as a universally oriented movement for individual self-transformation, it is based on the view that the social life will be transformed for the better when the individual is reformed.

Anuvrat cultivates self-discipline among the people by persuading them to observe small and basic vows (Anuvrats) embedded in Ahimsa (non-violence) and resolve their conflicts by non-violent strategies.

The Anuvrat teaches small, achievable steps to build character, purify life and develop and strengthen will power. It communicates to transform attitudes so that crime and corruption can be eliminated using the power of individual self-realization. It also conveys to bridge the gap between knowledge and conduct to build a healthy society based on the three gems - right faith, right knowledge and right conduct.

Anuvrat is context-free and unqualified. It simply inspires us with the ideas of self-control and self-discipline. If a person practices these virtues, he will not only become happy himself, but will also make his family and society happier.

An Anuvrati is honest, trustworthy, responsible, emotionally balanced, compassionate, caring, patriotic and friendly to all. Who would not like to have such boss or employee, teacher or student, husband or wife, political leader or citizen?

Ecology and Conservation of Environment

Rapid depletion of natural resources have been causing havoc continually and the perceived threat is that world would start facing acute scarcity by middle of this century.
Therefore, it is the high time to wake-up and spread the message of Anuvrat to not to waste and if it is unavoidable then recycle and reuse it so that further depletion can be subsided.

An Anuvrati pledges:

I will always be alert to the problems of keeping the environment pollution-free.

    1. I will not cut down trees
    2. I will not waste water

Anuvrat says, "Change yourself first rather than expecting others to change themselves".

It is the need of the hour that we retracted in case we have marched into polluting our environment and misbalancing the order of the universe. Global Warming is the phenomenon developed because we did not care for our natural resources and the repercussions are evident in form of droughts, floods, landslides, volcanos, ice-melting etc. Therefore, the sooner we learn, the better it would be for the well-being of mankind.
In this context, the Anuvrat philosophy is the most relevant aspect ought to be in our life so that together we can save our civilization by saving the resources to last as long as our generations would.

Sustainability and Circular Economy

The last 150 years of industrial evolution have been dominated by a one-way or linear model of production and consumption in which goods are manufactured from raw materials and then used and then discarded as waste. This model has been exceptionally successful in providing affordable products to consumers and material prosperity to billions. In developed economies, it has largely displaced a traditional economy that featured more reuse and regeneration but required more labour and produced lower returns on investment.

As the global middle class increases exponentially in size, consumption and material intensity will rise accordingly. That would further drive up input costs and price volatility at a time when access to new resource reserves is becoming more challenging and expensive. Perhaps most troubling is that this sudden surge in demand may have adverse effects on the environment in much larger magnitude and as a result it would further constrain the supply chain.

Circular economy is a better alternative to a traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose). In circular economy, end of life products are recovered, recycled and regenerated into new products and thus disposal of any product is avoided to the maximum possible extent.


Objective of the conference is to propagate Anuvrat Movement with greater emphasis on Environment Conservation as well as Circular Economy.

To promote this ideology, this Conference is being organized in Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, Chattarpur, New Delhi, India from September 26th to 28th 2014 with the hope that the process will continue forever.


2014.09.26-28 Dehli - Anuvrat Int. Conference Souvenir Booklet 01

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