The Secret of Past Lives: Through the use of Willpower

Published: 04.08.2017

While sitting down to harness willpower, one's spine should remain erect. In the Atmasakshi (witnessing the soul) and Gurusakshi (in the presence of the teacher) techniques this statement is repeated

for willpower - 'I will truly follow the use of willpower through Atmasakshi and Gurusakshi, this is my firm determination'. The process is as follows:

Keep the left hand on the navel and the right hand four fingers above the right knee in mid-air. Eyes to remain gently shut. The center of the navel is the center of energy. The navel is struck in tandem with the process of breathing. The striking of the navel activates the energy there and moves towards the right hand. The right hand experiences vibration, trembling and generation of energy as if the entire hand has been electrified. The process of quick breathing in and out should continue. Now the investigator is directed by the trainer - 'Imagine yourself to be sitting in front of a mirror. Observe yourself in the mirror. Now, when the meditating person tries to see himself in this imaginary mirror, his right hand involuntarily starts rising up. It finally touches the middle of the forehead (at the Agya chakra or the Third eye area). This point of the Third eye is significant. As soon as the investigator's hand touches the Third eye, he shifts from the conscious and starts travelling towards the subconscious level. The incidents and visuals of the past are etched in the subconscious mind. The meditating person views them and starts describing his status. As soon as the journey into the past begins, the person starts witnessing scenes from his past life. If anytime there is difficulty in entering the womb, the person conducting the experiment uses his guru mantra to resolve the issue. This enables him to jump to his past in one go. In the past he starts witnessing sometimes his cremation, sometimes his dead body, the old life before that and his entire family. Likewise the Guru motivates him to go further back in time and then he resumes his journey into the past. While witnessing different scenes he once again starts experiencing the life from his past. On the basis of experiences so depicted, it can be said that the person witnessed his entire past life.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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