The Secret of Past Lives: Recollecting of Previous Births (That is up to four previous births)

Published: 02.09.2017

Previous birth is neither a miracle nor a mystery. If there is a present there must be a past also. If present and past exist then there must be a future also. There is childhood, youth and old age. After old age what is there? Death is the fulfillment of old age. Should there be a birth after old age? This is life cycle. The seed does not know it will grow as a plant and the fruit will give a seed. The child in the womb does not know that it will be born, it grows into a child, turns into a youth and then after becoming old embraces death. This is a riddle, which has been discussed over centuries. Gautam Buddha realised the truth that in this world everything is transient, mortal. There is nothing permanent. As one generation gives way to another, we feel there is continuity. Every moment is likened to the oil in a lamp, the wick is burning and giving light. The instant the flame goes out, death occurs. So too with life. As soon as life is drained out, death occurs. Life is constantly changing...but in what does this constant change occur? Surely there must be some basic material?

Philosophers and scientists started working on this idea. Among philosophers Bhagvan Mahavir, the enlightened one said the soul is permanent; was, is and will be. With the declaration of the existence of the soul, the soul-less was automatically defined. Opposites co exist. Bhagvan Mahavir divided all the world into two categories: jiv and ajiv or the animate and the inanimate. This world is dual. When the Buddha was asked - Is there a soul? He said, "Can't say." Just as philosophers have agreed on the existence of the soul and of matter as two separate aspects of the world, scientists have accepted the existence of matter.

Matter is said to be imperishable. No atom is created or destroyed. But there is a change which is continuous. Similarly knowledge and consciousness are also subject to change.

Vedas and Upanishads do agree that previous birth and rebirth are also certain. As far as Indians are concerned they do believe in previous birth. "As you sow so shall you reap." This amply testifies that whatever deed, good or bad we have done in previous birth it will have to be reaped in the present.

A camp was held for people who wanted to experience their previous birth. It was on May 1st 2002 at 2 pm. After they were seated they were given a questionnaire. I gave each one this. Everyone responded differently. The conclusion was

Q. Why do you want to experience the past?

A. For spiritual progress and to find out the immortality of soul.

Q. Hope you will not be afraid of knowing about previous birth.

A. It is not so. What will happen if one fears? We can face with firm determination.

Q. Do you know whether there is previous birth or not?A. We don't know. But we want to know about it.Q. Will you be able to change after you come to know about your past birth?

A. We will try to change.

Q. Have any of your dreams come true?

A. Quite often dreams that were seen in the night came out to be true.

Q. Do you have special love or hatred towards human being, animal, bird or any other living organism?

A. We are concerned about pet dogs, but hatred towards none.

Q. Are you specially fascinated by forest, river, hills, seas or a person?

A. Love to sit on the beach.

Q. Has any intuition occurred to you?

A. Sometimes I have felt that I had a feeling and it happened today. The experience of the trainees who had camped there are given below:


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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