The Secret of Past Lives: Satyadev Sharma - The roaring lion in the jungle

Published: 08.09.2017

Satyadev Sharma is the son of Hanuman Sahay Sharma. His educational qualifications are B.A, M.S., M.M.S. His interests are in ancient studies and spiritual studies. He participated in the camp to know the spiritual progress and introspection of the soul. Dr. Sharma believes that in order to realize God one should be able to know about his previous birth. He came across the write up on rebirth in Kalyan. Since then he was keen to know about rebirth.

He says on 2nd May the training camp was held. In the course of the training yogic practices were done. Meditation followed which was followed by relaxation of the body, control of inhalation and exhalation and gradually the command was to go deep into one's stream of consciousness and other procedures which led to recall of one's previous birth.

On 3rd May Muni Shri through Preksha Meditation led the trainees to one's youthful stage, then to childhood and then the experience of being a child in the womb. This led to one's previous birth and I could see the radiance, and it flashed upon the inward eye which was not very clear. Once people had settled in the process of meditation we were made to sit like the crescent of the moon. We were asked to keep our left hand on our navel, and the right hand to rest above the knee but away by distance of four fingers. We were asked to do Bhastrika exercise and thus give stress on the navel. I did as per the directions given by Muni Shri very consciously. Every time I did Bhastrika exercise the navel got stressed and the body got relaxed. As soon as I touched the centre point between the eyebrows on my forehead, I went into a trance. I entered a tunnel and moved on till I could see the bright light and got into the world of deep meditation.

At this point Muni Shri through mantra activated the navel and I seemed to enter a wild jungle. Muni Shri directed that if anything else is visible then the thumb of the right hand will automatically move upwards. After sometime the thumb of my right hand started moving upwards and I started roaring like a lion. I was not aware of the roar I was producing. Then I heard Muni Shri chanting OM SHANTI! OM SHANTI! At the time I realized that I was roaring like a lion.

On 4th May we were asked to sit before the mirror and stare at our image without moving our eyes and eyelids. We were asked to concentrate on the image. Due to this the eyes started watering and gradually eyelids closed. I saw myself in sparkling white robe and was roaring freely in the sky. After sometime there was an echo of Mahapran dhwani. Later that also became softer. Sometime later the echo grew louder and with the instruction from Muni Shri became softer. The mantra of Muni Shri did strike at the navel. Immediately I was amidst a wide jungle which was lush green and it was surrounded by hills. Again I roared like a lion. I saw the figure of Devi and a lion was standing close to her. Though it was not clear but the roar was louder. As Muni Shri instructed to calm down the sound became softer. Roar was still heard.

On 5th May trainees were sent to separate rooms to experience individually. They were asked to see in the mirror and were asked to concentrate on the visuals in the mirror. As one concentrated the eyes closed automatically and one could see the world. One witnessed the star studded sky and the descending Ganga. A very small human with radiance was seen. Later the sound of Mahapran was heard and it kept sounding loud. But with the command of Muni Shri the sound became softer. As soon as I heard the mantra of Muni Shri I started moving into the jungle on hearing the sound. Muni Shri asked, "Are you a lion or a serpent?" I nodded saying that I was a lion. He again said, "Are you a lion?" Then there was a sound. Again there was the sound of Mahapran dwani. I did not realize what had happened to me. Muni Shri entered my room and commanded to return from my trance. It was then that I realized that the trainees had come.

On 6th May Muni Shri asked us to practice Preksha Meditation. I saw that the wild fire had enveloped the hills, trees, plants, creepers, gardens - all because of the rustle of bamboos. The whole of the jungle was destroyed. There was only ash. One could see sparks of fire. Similarly there was a kind of light which had destroyed sensuousness, jealousy, hatred, etc. Both inside and outside there was a wave. There were ashes around. Then there was torrential rain. There was water everywhere. The mellow flowing streams gave birth to a river and I was floating on it. Finally the river met the sea. I was floating on the waves. Again Muni Shri commanded with a mantra and I reached a world of bright red. I crossed caves, jungles and started moving around.

On 7th May we were asked to practice Preksha Meditation. It was bliss. I could see energy emanating and felt light and relaxed. I once again reached a world where there was cluster of stars and great rivers. I was just like a speck. I was chanting Mahapran dwani. Again with the chanting of mantra by Muni Shri I experienced as if I was in a jungle. Gradually the shape of a lion emerged. Who are you? On asking it I started roaring. Again Muni Shri chanted the mantra. I moved on. After crossing through caves, hills and jungles I reached a place that was covered with snow. I saw a woman there. Then I went to a royal palace where there were so many pictures of a lady. There was a beautiful building adjacent to this place. On asking repeatedly there was no answer. After sometime a lady appeared in red clothes. She had pierced her ears in two or three places and was wearing ornaments. She was dark. She seemed to belong to a Mongolian tribe. The meditation was complete.

On 8th May everyone was asked to sit in the posture of crescent moon. One hand was placed on the navel and the right hand was placed on the thigh just four fingers away from the knees. The process of inhalation and exhalation started. Once in trance we were in a place that was full of cluster of stars, rivers that emerged from the mountains. I again felt myself as a speck and moved around. Again there was the sound of Mahapran dwani. While Muni Shri chanted the mantra I was able to reach a royal palace where I could see a woman and the members of her family. It appeared to be Sweden. Again with the chanting of mantra by Muni Shri I passed through jungles and caves and landed in a city. I could see a woman in a red robe standing in a lounge of a beautifully built palace of red sandstone.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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