The Secret of Past Lives: Om Prakash witnesses his funeral pyre

Published: 10.09.2017

Om Prakash is a B.E. Civil Engineer. He lives in Jaipur. He is expressing his experience.

I went to Malviya Nagar for Preksha Meditation at 6 am. Muni Kishanlal was in the meditation hall. He made us prostate three times. Then a few yogic practices were given. While prostrating, the mantra was chanted so that an aura could be created. Then inhalation practice started. Then pranayam was started. It started slowly but later the speed was increased. As per the instructions inhaling and exhaling were well experienced from the center point. Once the process of inhaling and exhaling gathered speed the whole body started vibrating with energy. I realized that the whole body was energized gradually. I could stand on my toes and both the hands were activated. The body started moving. I was seeing through my stream of consciousness. The whole body seemed to have been electrified. Muni Shri was chanting a mantra. Finally a voice was heard. The experiment is successful. Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! I gradually came to consciousness, i.e. in the present. Now Muni Shri commanded for meditation. We were asked to sit in meditation. While meditating Muni Shri's chanting could be heard. I had lost my balance and simply lay down on my back. Muni Shri's instructions were clear and it was to get into the past and think about the youthful stage. Then further instruction was to recall childhood. I felt as if I was trying to swim as the infants do. The next instruction was to experience when in mother's womb. All of a sudden my body had shrivelled and I was in the posture of a foetus. There was darkness in the womb. With the mantra of Muni Shri I saw light and I was lying straight on my back. Again Muni Shri chanted the mantra and I could feel my stomach reverberating. TTe body quivered. Back and front seemed to have got together. I was able to see on all sides. I glanced at my body from top to toe. Gradually vibration started from sole to hip and my stomach seemed to have regenerated. I was able to see every other organs of my stomach. Then I concentrated on my chest. I could see my lungs, arteries, veins and capillaries. I could see my heart very clearly and saw blood vessels. Gradually my concentration was on the brain. I could see the parts of my brain very clearly.

Once again Muni Shri's instructions were heard. I was surprised to see my spinal cord and all the chakras very clearly.

As Muni Shri chanted the mantra I was moving into the journey of the past. I sat like a muni completely unaware of my surroundings. Then I experienced a glorious light, peace and bliss and I could see the blissful soul. As the thumb of my right hand started moving in the upward direction, I felt that I was part of the supreme and there was total peace. Once the procedure came to an end I could hear the command of Muni Shri. Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! Slowly I got up and sat erect.

Next Muni Shri instructed me to go to the next room. I took my seat. Muni Shri went into a trance and asked me to look into the central point of his forehead and notice the changes in his face. I was meditating and concentrating on his centre point. I could see changes in his face. His face was radiating with glow that was spiritual. I could see more than one face. My eyelids closed. I found my stream of consciousness on a new journey. I stood erect and found myself to be a brave young man who had dared to go alone in the wild jungle. I was looking at my surroundings very cautiously. Muni Shri further instructed me to go deeper into the past. As I went deeper it became darker and I found myself as a sage who was engrossed in meditation. I slowly got up on my knees and by travelling through the stream of consciousness I saw my own self. In between I heard the voice of Muni Shri instructing me to go deeper into the past. Slowly I found myself being one with the supreme. Again I heard Muni Shri's voice. He instructed that the procedure was over. Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! With this I returned to my present self and I sat straight. I felt charged with energy and the same time blessed.

Today was the final day for experiencing the incidents of the previous birth. I went to the meditation hall with my wife at 6 am. Muni Shri also arrived. First we prostrated before Muni Shri three times. As the sound of 'Arham' continued I was losing balance. Eyes closed and I fell down. I could hear Muni Shri saying 'Go back to your youthful days. Go back to when you were a child.' I started behaving like a child. The next command was heard 'Go back and experience as a child in the womb.' My limbs got contracted. Both the knees were on my chest. Both the elbows had come together. I was feeling choked in the womb of my mother. I felt so restless that I wanted to come out of the womb and be free. Again Muni Shri's instruction was heard. I saw light after leaving the womb. As per Muni Shri's instructions I could recall my past by concentrating on my own power point. First I lay down then I sat erectly. I saw myself as a brave soldier fighting in the battlefield.

Muni Shri's gentle voice was heard. I concentrated on my power point and I entered into my past. I saw myself as a sage lost in deep meditation. I saw myself occupying the seat of a rishi who is undergoing deep penance and meditation. I could see myself transformed into a God realized sage. I saw myself being blessed with the radiance of the supreme where my soul seemed to be soaring high in the sky and that radiance had merged with the supreme OM. Muni Shri's divine call had sent me back to my past and I could see myself enjoying a comfortable and pleasant situation. 1 reached a place where there was eternal peace. The time stood still. Everything was stagnant. I was feeling myself in absolute bliss.

All of a sudden Muni Shri's divine call roused me - "Come back." I did not want to leave that bliss of eternity and said to my teacher, "O great one I don't want to come back." But he continued with his instruction and said, "Come back. Return procedure is over. Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! On hearing this I returned.

He gave ten minutes for questions. Then the next procedure started. First he asked us to do Tadasana and then asked us to look into the mirror. He further asked us to look into our own eyes into the mirror. Gradually the eyelids drooped and eyes closed. I lost balance and fell down. Slowly Muni Shri's chanting of mantra could be heard.

connected with my previous birth. I got deep into meditation and I saw my finger of right hand seem to be rising towards the space and found myself united with the supreme. I tried to figure out 'OM' and I seemed to be disappearing into that OM. I dwelt still in the past. There was perfect bliss. I found myself as a sage who was God realized. I was feeling myself in perfect peace and harmony and closed my eyes in deep meditation (I feel hesitant to express who I was? What did I see as myself?") I went further into the past where there was absolute peace and I was totally detached. I felt that time had stood still. Everything was stagnant. I was feeling the joy that emanates from the radiance of the supreme. I asked myself, "Who am I?" In response I saw the figure of 'Om Shanti'. I questioned again "Why am I so restless?" The response was "All due to the past karma/deeds."

Once again I heard Muni Shri calling "Come back." I was not ready to come back. I said, "No I shall not." Muni Shri's divine call, "Come back. The procedure is over. Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! With this chanting I came back to my true consciousness. For quite some time I could not balance my physique, the reason being I did not want to come back from that ultimate bliss. Yuvacharyashri Mahashraman came to the hall.

I have been grateful to Muni Kishanlal for making me experience the incidents of my previous birth. I prostrated before Muni Krishan Lai and young Yuvacharyashri Maha Shraman in all reverence. Then I prostrated before Acharya Shri Mahapragya with reverence and respect.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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