The Secret of Past Lives: Prakash Jain-Pigeon, Serpent and Muni

Published: 12.09.2017

Prakash Jain has proficiency in meditation. He is a resident of Jodhpur. He had training in Preksha Meditation at Ladnun. He gives details about his experiences.

It was evening. We were not to have dinner. He had a vision in the training camp. I had requested Muni Kishanlal to help me to know about my previous birth. Muni Shri Himanshu said that he wanted to experiment on this sometime in the evening. He asked me if I was interested I could go with him to the meditation hall. I went along with him. Now I am trying to give full details regarding this experiment.

I was instructed to choose a posture and then start energizing myself. First I put my hand on stomach then put the other also to generate energy with the chanting of mantra. While I was energizing myself there were strong vibrations in the body and I fell with a thud.

I felt my soul leaving the body. At the instruction of Muni I went into the past. I saw the head of an elephant and then found myself as a sage standing with a background of a frame that was green in colour and seemed to have many hands. As I still descended into the past I found myself to be a crocodile. When instructed to get into the womb I felt I was a white pigeon flying in the sky. My hands were like the feather that tried to reach the sky. This was a pigeon wearing a crystal necklace. This necklace was tied by a muni. He was a great man who could make the pigeon fly. I then saw a few weapons. I saw a powerful form with bright radiance. Then I saw a thorny mace and a golden axe. When instructed to move further I saw a black serpent. After sometime I saw myself as a serpent sheltered under a canopy with a statue that did not have any form. I saw myself as Yama, God of death who was accompanied by a buffalo with golden horns. He was under the control of death. Yama was standing by Sivalinga with a serpent.

When instructed to go further I found myself as a many-hooded serpent that was seated on a throne. With further instruction I was a serpent that possessed gems. There was a bright gem on the hood. When the Muni requested me to give that gem unfortunately I refused. The serpent changed into black and the gem returned.

At the end I found myself as a black serpent enveloping the sivalinga. While Muni Shri asked about the present status I cried. There was divine light shed by Shiva's Trident. Then I saw Lord Shiva bearing it on him.

Muni instructed to get back to the present. I returned to the present having experienced myself as a pigeon and sage. In the entire process I was conscious and I felt as if I was seeing the entire thing as a film on the monitor.

I was overwhelmed with emotions after this experience. I felt happy and in a state of bliss. This made me realize how I had gone through various types of birth and had undergone the life as per my deeds in the previous birth.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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