The Secret of Past Lives: Gautam Kalra visualizes two souls in a body

Published: 15.09.2017

Gautam Kalra, a resident of Delhi, is an M.B.A. His mother, Meena Kalra, is deeply involved in spirituality. She insisted that Gautam should join the camp for Preksha Meditation. Gautam has been active in this field for the past eight years. He has undergone training in such camps organized by Acharya Shri Tulsi and Mahapragya. Muni Shri Dharmendra Kumar had been leading him in this direction from time to time. That is how he got interested in religion.

According to Mr. Kalra the first day is full of expectation and curiosity about experiencing the incidents of the previous birth. Muni Shri Krishan Lai gave a discourse on meditation, pranayama, yoga, etc.

Preksha Meditation gave a new lease of life. Concentrating on the centre point gave a strange experience. After 30-40 seconds the face of Muni Shri was looking two dimensional instead of three dimensional. At first I felt as if I was seeing his picture. Gradually it changed into three dimensional that is his original face. His forehead was full of radiance. Then his eyebrows became black as if he had become young. I could see black hair and black moustache. It was strange. All of a sudden he disappeared. I could see only a white shadow. By chanting mantras I came back to my original state. I felt that having practiced the training is being fearless. I could feel and experience without fear.

During the Kayotsarg the experience of duality was very clear. During shitilikaran or relaxation, one could feel the reflection of one's being very close to the real world. I could see myself as part of the world where there was grass and flowers. There seemed to be a long hill. I saw myself amidst the cluster of bamboo trees. I could hear the sound of whistling wind. Bamboos were hustling with one another. There were sparks. The dry leaves caught fire. Muni Shri instructed that inhalation should be with force from the navel. I saw my body turn to ashes. Then I saw the downpour. After that whatever happened I could not recall. I never thought that I had gone to sleep. All of a sudden someone stepped on my toe and I was awakened.

In the next session I relaxed. Left hand was on my navel and the right hand was four inches above the knee. We speeded up the inhalation and exhalation process as if there were repeated strokes on the centre point. I felt pain in my right hand then I felt relaxed and cool. The cool respiratory process continued. I could feel the hands getting cooler. Muni Shri chanted the mantra and I could see my reflection in the mirror and there was a red dot. When the mantra was chanted my right hand automatically reached the forehead and I found myself in total darkness. This was the beginning of my journey into the past.

I saw myself being fed by my mother. Then I heard a strange voice and I was in total darkness. Though I tried to come out but I could not see anything. I heard the same sound again. I could see a jungle. I saw a sage close to a tree who was meditating by standing on one leg. He was standing on a big turtle. There was a big serpent on another tree. It became dark once again. All of a sudden I started journeying towards the present. The meditation was almost over. There were many queries in my mind.

On the next day also the same procedure started with yoga, pranayama and exercises of respiration so that the body could prepare itself for meditation. While meditating we went through the process of reflecting ourselves. This time I was able to go deeper into the secrets of the past. There was a clear experience of the consciousness tying to leave the physical body. Due to the concentration I could feel the inhalation and exhalation process hit the navel point. With closed eyes I could visualize my reflection in the mirror. Muni Shri was chanting mantra. I felt my hands vibrating with energy. It seemed as if a current was passing through my fingers. After sometime I saw my right hand gradually reaching my forehead reflecting in the mirror. There was darkness. Next moment nothing was visible in the mirror.

After sometime I found myself running into a dark cave. It was an old cave. There was no light. I reached the gate of a beautiful town. There were two roads, one on the left and the other on the right. I started moving towards the left. After sometime I saw myself being fed by my mother. Muni Shri sounded something and I found myself in utter darkness. I wanted to get out of it. Muni Shri again chanted and I found myself in the jungle. I saw the same young sage whom I had met the day before. A river was flowing close by. The mendicant was meditating under a tree. He was hanging upside down. I saw him handling a lion and a deer. Then I could visualize the muni as a young lad. I saw his parents. I saw that the moment I was born there was another child born in the family of warriors who died immediately after his birth. That child's soul had entered my body. It was very strange. I could see two souls in one body. I saw them after death. This was a bright white light which had a tail like a comet. Again with Muni Shri's chanting I came back.

The session started with pranayama and yogasana. He experimented with a new process after the first two stages of concentration and meditation. Everybody was attentive. It was imagined that a golden staff had passed through the feet on to the head. It is like an antenna on the head. The staff is hollow. Quick inhalation and exhalation resulted in making the staff radiate cosmic energy and it seemed to be filled with this radiant energy. The staff started rotating from left to right and from back to front. Then energy seemed to be moving out and spread all over the world. I could see the sun, the moon, the stars in my aura. By chanting special mantra Muni Shri was able to take us through the journey of previous birth. I saw the Rishi in meditation and then take a big leap from a hill. At that time there was no fear. Muni Shri through the mantra led us to the previous birth. I saw a brown horse on a green field. He was in some danger.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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