The Secret of Past Lives: 'The skeleton that got its flesh and muscles', witnessed by Meena Bhardwaj

Published: 16.09.2017

Meena Bhardwaj is an M.A. in English, M.Sc. in Life Sciences. She is the wife of Brigadier Yogesh Bhardwaj. According to her:-

I came across the view that one can recall one's previous birth. While I was doing M.Sc., I wanted to experiment that. This will take me to the highest point of progress in spirituality. Psychologists and parapsychologists experiment on past life regression. One can learn the process of cleansing one's soul. This will widen the horizon of positivism. This will free us from the cycle of birth and death.

I had come to take the programme schedule of the Preksha Meditation camp. My father was upset over my mother's death after a prolonged illness. It was he who wanted me to join the camp. It was at that time that I came to know about Muni Kishanlal who was organizing a camp in order to recall one's previous birth. I was enthusiastic. Already I was going through training in science of living. This was a God sent opportunity.

I got myself registered on 2nd November. I was in a fix whether it was correct to know about the previous birth, whether it was rational or not. I did not know whether the knowledge of the previous birth will be beneficial or it will have adverse effect. Before I filled the form I met Muni Kishanlal. He suggested that I should participate in this camp. I had read books by Dr. Brian Weiss, Ruth Montgomery and Doris Stake that past life regression is used as a therapy by psychiatrists to cure mentally sick patients. If such kind of an experience takes me to a higher order of thinking then I shall feel blessed.

I was mentally prepared to attend the camp on 4th November. Various yogic practices were given in order to make the participants experience a journey into the past. Meditation and concentration experiments were conducted. Muni Shri directed that we should concentrate on his power point and observe changes in his facial expression. I felt as if his head was elongated and his eyes and nose could not be traced. There was a flat surface. Again I felt as if great men are sitting in front. My eyelids became heavy. I closed my eyes and started concentrating on his forehead. But nothing was visible.

When Muni Shri instructed to imagine a cave and move into it then I started moving. There was a big black hill. Water was flowing. I started climbing the mountain. I saw that there were many Gods and Goddesses sculpted all over.

Muni Shri said - Go deep. I saw myself standing on the top of the hill. From there I saw a road. On both sides of the road were rows of trees. A car was moving on the road. The colour of the trees was black. I continued to walk on the road. Muni Shri chanted OM Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! And we had to come back. While I was in the bus I saw the same statue which I had witnessed on the forehead of Muni Shri. Flat nose, eyes in the socket and there was no face visible. While in meditation I found myself in the lap of nature. There were hillocks, beautiful gardens and rows of flowers. Once again we were to return to the mother and feel our physical body and be one with the nature. I chose a beautiful green spot which was close to the hillock and there were fresh bamboo shoots. I just lay there and felt that my body has mixed with earth and the leaves of bamboos had dried up.

After chanting the mantra the dried leaves caught fire. The fire reached the body that lay there. The body was turned into ashes. Chanting of mantra brought storm. The remains of the body had flowed down in river Ganga near Haridwar. The current was virulent. The ashes were dissolving in the water. Only the skeleton was left. Muni Shri chanted the mantra. Then something fresh moved towards the skeleton and a new body took shape in that skeleton. It's arteries, veins and cells were anew. There was life.

The second stage was to know one's own self. While sitting in for meditation, the right hand was to be kept at a distance of four fingers above the thigh and we were instructed to see our own image in the mirror. At that time my right hand rose towards the forehead. I was not able to see my reflection clearly in the mirror. When instructed to peep into childhood and girlhood, I saw myself as a student. Then I saw myself in the lap of my mother as a small child and then journeyed into the womb as a foetus. I saw my mother sitting in a room surrounded by water. I spontaneously got up and started and swimming on the terrace. I could see the terrace at a distance. I was swimming and I was taking a round of the home. For some time I was lost in looking at these. It was a wonderful sight. I was swimming forwards and backwards. The thing that was floating seemed to be black. In the beginning it was static. It started growing gradually. I felt I was going towards a tunnel. Probably the colour of water that was circling around was black and blue.

We started the day by sharing our experiences with the fellow participants. I started writing a fair copy. When Muni Shri Kishan Lai came, I gave him my rough draft.

Surendra Arya instructed us to do yogic exercises and pranayama. We were to concentrate on our body.

We started this practice by inspecting and observing from the toe of right foot to head. We visualized the various organs of the body. After some time Muni Shri asked us to stand up and observe and inspect every part of the body Once you stand you can feel that blood circulates faster in each and every part, organ and cells. I could feel the palpitation of my heart. Once again Muni Shri asked us to experience the duality of body and soul and wanted us to feel the five elements that the body is comprised of so that one could feel that soul and body are two different entities. I tried to find a place and sat down on a hillock. Soon the hillock seemed to be growing bigger. I was sitting on such a hillock which had on one side a tall building and on the other side was a deep gorge. There were many waterfalls.

When the bamboo trees rustled with each other and the dried leaves caught fire by the instruction we started breathing faster and thus the energy was vitalized. My navel seems to have become hollow. There was a beautiful circle from where I could see the hillock. Then there was a shower of cool waters. With the chanting I could visualize a black tree which is normally found around temples. There were vermillion dots on them. There was the image of Lord Shiva. I felt as if I was sitting on a big hillock very much like that of Vaishno Devi. There was a temple at a distance and I was at the foot of it. I was panting when I heard OM Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

We were given mirrors. There was a picture of Bhagvan Mahavir where I was sitting. I was instructed to look into the mirror. We looked at it without any other distraction. Then the eyes closed. We started on our journey into the past. We went through the youth, childhood, infancy, in the lap of my mother and then into the womb of a foetus. When the guru chanted, the foetus changed into a dot and it remained so till the end. When Muni Shri chanted, my feet became heavy and swollen. I could not sit quiet. I felt heaviness in my head.

The day began with prayer, yogic exercises and various types of pranayama. We were instructed to note and be alert about the five elements, i.e. earth, water, fire, wind and space that is the composition of our body.

Muni Shri advised us to sit on a rock amidst greenery. I could go to my house and then reached the hill of Vaishno Devi, which was the same which I had visited the day before. It was suggested that the place we were standing was the place which was excavated the day before. This made us realize the eternity.

I was on a hillock as I had been there yesterday. I did 'Kapalbhatti' and I felt energy being released. I was feeling the heat. I felt that energy was encircling me. The bamboo leaves started drying up. There was fire and everything turned into ashes. When the instruction came that there is rain I found that the ashes were washed away. There was light in front of a tree which reflected the form of Lord Shiva and Ganesha. There was light above but darkness below.

It was a beautiful place. We focused on the Anand Kendra and thought of green. By concentrating on the respiration and through cleansing point we could see the Safire blue. From the point of concentration there was radiance and light point revealed white colour. The Gyan Kendra revealed yellow of sunflower. Then all the colours were clearly seen. This type of meditation is known as going into the miniscule. When we concentrated on different Kendra we saw bright colours.

We sat before a mirror. We saw our own reflection. We put our right hand four inches above the right thigh and left hand on the navel. Muni Krishan Lai instructed us to stroke our navel. By doing so we felt vibrations in our hand but my right hand did not reach out to the forehead. I knew that last time I could touch it. When Muni instructed to peep into youth, then journey to childhood and then on to the womb, I saw myself in a very small tunnel. I had a torch. I started moving backwards and reached the branch of a black tree where 'Ganesha' was inscribed. It was a dense green forest. There was no one. When he asked whether there were huts or water? How is the place like? I could see only thick forest, i saw a hilly region where a girl of six seemed to be moving about. I could see her back.

When I was asked - Who are you? What is your name? I could spell out Malathi. With the chanting of OM Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! I came to consciousness absolutely at peace and serene.

The day began with yogic exercises and pranayama. The body was prepared to undergo such exercises on Bhastrika, cleansing, etc.

so that body would be able to undertake the tough task of Preksha Meditation. In the course of meditation, attention was drawn to various focal centres which would energize, radiate, cleanse, visualize light and the centres of knowledge and spirituality. Brahma Kendra is supposed to be in the tongue which continuously chants the mantra.

Chandesu nimmalayara ayichesuahiyam payasayara Sagarvar gambhira siddha siddhim mama dishantu

The above mantra leads to the point of consciousness which continuously energizes the person.

We had a beautiful vision of the present. We were asked to stand and to imagine a golden past. The top of the point was the centre of energy. The energy seemed to be flowing from left to right and from top to bottom. When we experienced its presence we felt dizzy. I started trembling. I felt I was in Matri Mandir of Arvind Ashram. There was nobody there. All that was there was but only wiry mesh all around. Mother could contain the energy and then she went to a church. We stayed there for some time. Muni Shri chanted the mantra and instructed to go deeper into the past and said that there was a channel through the cave and there are two ways. One goes from the left which leads to the past and the right goes to the future. I have seen myself in Anand Resort where it was serene and meditation centres were conducted. I was taken to the mountain chain of Himalayas. But it was not covered with snow. There was one lone person sitting in meditation.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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