The Secret of Past Lives: Recall four previous births-Swami Omkar Chaitanya

Published: 23.09.2017

Swami Omkar Chaitanya participated in the Preksha Dhyan camp. He also experienced the incidents of his previous birth. He says.

I am Swami Omkar Chaitanya from Dayanand Ashram at Rishikesh. Under the instructions of Muni Shri Kishanlal I participated in the camp to experience the journey through the previous birth. I went through the various styles of experiences and felt the bliss of such experience. I felt as if I had new lease of life.

In order to realize that the world is transient, Munishri showed me my previous births. I saw four of them.

In the first one I was a king. In the second I was a cobra, in third a peacock which is 'vaahan' of Sri Subramanya Swami, son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. In the fourth one I was born as a sanyasi or mendicant.

Munishri made us do various types of exercises and meditation. The mind went blank and consciousness went deeper and deeper. I felt that I was getting into the depth of consciousness by his continued instructions. He tried to give suggestion, "Go deep, think deeper. Recall what you were, where you were." I was religiously following his instructions. I was able to have control over myself and was doing as per the instructions. I enjoyed every moment as I was following the instructions.

Once I had got into the depth of Preksha Meditation. I was able to visualize and experience the incidents of my four past births. Though I cannot testify them but I am sure that I was able to witness those incidents and I could connect myself with those incidents as they appeared to me.

The most significant part of this camp was that one could realize oneself by going deep into oneself through meditation and realize the existence of self. One could realize that the world is transient. One gets the answer to questions like - Who am I? Why have I come? How have I reached here? In order to get answers to these questions one needs to sit for meditation and one gets the answer to the purpose of life. One is able to know the objective of this life. I feel that everyone should practice meditation and if possible one must attend such training camps at least once in two years so that in modern times the mad rat race that makes you highly tensed and stressed, these meditations relieve your mind and make your thoughts clear. The more tense we are the more unhappy we feel and we move away from our goal, objective or aim. The bliss that we wish to enjoy comes from such meditation. Thus if we make it as a routine it helps us in being stress free and tension free.

I am highly grateful to Muni Shri Kishanlal who has given a new lease of life and thereby made life more purposeful. Mind and body have been activated towards knowledge of self realization and eternal bliss.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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