Published: 31.01.2018

Ford (to cross the ocean of mundane existence)-

1. The Śrutajñāna (articulate knowledge or the scriptural knowledge); the Pravacana - Discourse (of the Tirthankara (ford-founder)) which is renowned as Dvādaśāṅga (the twelve Angas (principal canonical works).

tīrthaṃ śrutajñānaṃ tatpūrvikā 'arhattā' tīrtha- karatā, na khalu bhavāntareṣu śrutābhyāsamantareṇa bhagavat evamevā"rhantyalakṣmīrupaḍhaukate.

(BṛBhā 1194 Vṛ)

...pavayaṇaṃ pi titthaṃ...

(ViBhā 1380)

titthaṃ dnvālasaṃgaṃ.

(Dhava Pu 13 p. 366)

2. The religious order of the Sramaṇas (1) (ascetic of the Jain religious order) which comprises male and female ascetics (i.e., monks and nuns respectively) and male and female lay followers.

titthaṃ puṇa cāuvaṇṇe samaṇasaṃghe.


Jaina Pāribhāṣika Śabdakośa
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