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Published: 27.12.2019
Updated: 03.01.2020

Jain Center of Southern California

New Year's Day Santra Puja - Jan 1, 2020

We are hapy to announce that there will be a Snatra Puja at JCSC on New Year's day which is Wednesday, Jan 1, 2020

The program will be as follows:
  • Snatra Puja - 10:00 am on wards, Nakro $101
  • Aarti, Mangal Divo and Shanti Kalash - Ghee Boli.
  • Swamivatsalya lunch followed by Snatra Puja.​

To sponsor Snatra Puja​ please contact Pravina Shah at 714-736-5431 or email at pravina653[at]gmail.com

​​T​o sponsor Swamivatsalya lunch please contact Geetaben Khona at treasurer[at]jaincenter.org
Sponsorship for Swamivatsalya:

Diamond Sponsor $ $1501.00
Gold Sponsor $ 1001.00
Silver Sponsor $ 501.00

Apply for Teacher's Position - JCYC

Pathshala Management is looking for additional teachers for the Religion and Gujarati Language Classes. We would like to invite members from our community to apply for these positions. There will be an interview process.

The role of the teachers is one of the most important positions in the pathshala program. This position requires dedicated individuals who are willing to commit at least three to five hours per week outside of Pathshala class times for curriculum planning and updating, communication with parents and students, and meeting with their team for curriculum alignment. Pathshala teachers must be able to set a good example, be polite, and have the ability to work with students. The individual must have strong communication skills, be able to articulate ideas in a manner understandable to children, engage young minds and encourage them to participate in discussions. In addition, the teacher will be required to enforce good conduct and behavior, punctuality, and discipline. Prior teaching experience is considered a plus. The teacher should be committed to the practice of Jain principles in their personal life. The teacher is also committing to teach for the full year each year and must attend classes and complete their responsibilities.

Community members interested in applying for teaching positions are invited to complete an application form here by using following link:


Please contact Poorvi Parekh for any questions (poorvi.parekh[at]ymail.com)

JCSC Jain Association Details

Few years ago, JCSC organized a Jain Seniors Association to allow senior members of the community to participate in numerous activities suited for the seniors such as Musical Programs, Singing Competitions, Picnics, Sights- Seeing Tours, Visits of other Temples in the USA. One of the most popular activities includes Chaitya Paripati whereby we organize visits to the homes of some of the community members after Paryushan and participate in group religious activities like Swadhyay, Chaitya Vandan and Bhavna Bhakti. There are many programs offered by different government organizations for senior citizens that are either free or heavily subsidized but many seniors are not aware of such programs and the association organizes seminars to educate our senior members so that seniors can take advantage of the benefits. The association also organizes Health Seminars that in the past have been very beneficial for the seniors.

Please Click Here for More Details

Amazon Smile Charity by JCSC Patrons

We should have received a donation of $62.05 from Amazon Smile Program which our members use.
This program is working very nice so far and can be increased with more members participation.

Below is an update from Amazon:

This is your quarterly AmazonSmile donation notification. AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support a charity of your choice every time you shop, at no cost to you. Your charity, Jain Center of Southern California, recently received a quarterly donation of $62.05 thanks to customers shopping at smile.amazon.com.

To date, AmazonSmile has donated a total of:
  • $1,244.43 to Jain Center of Southern California
  • $156,109,909.51 to all charities

Thank you for supporting Jain Center of Southern California by shopping at smile.amazon.com. You can track your impact throughout the year at your My Impact page.

When you shop at smile.amazon.com, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as amazon.com, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your selected charity.

AmazonSmile is also available in the Amazon Shopping App on Android. See how to activate here.

Follow JCSC on Facebook & Twitter

1) Follow JCSC on Facebook

You may not be aware that JCSC has a new page on facebook. Our official page is https://www.facebook.com/JCSCUSA/. You may be following another page on facebook but that is not the official JCSC page. We do regularly update this new page with recent pictures and events. We currently have just 170 individuals that follow this page. Please consider visiting this page and start following us. Please also let your friends know about our official page on facebook.

If you capture photo/video at Derasar and would like that to be considered for posting on this page then please email facebook[at]jaincenter.org and someone will reach out to you.

2) Follow JCSC on Twitter

Our official Twitter link is https://twitter.com/jaincenter. Please visit and follow us as we do provide important updates via this social media.

Wellness Challenge - Avoid Bright Lights Before Sleep

This week's challenge is that you must "Avoid bright lights before sleep". When you’re exposed to bright lights in the evening, it may disrupt your production of the sleep hormone melatonin. One strategy is to use a pair of amber-tinted glasses that block blue light from entering your eyes in the evening.This allows melatonin to be produced as if it were completely dark, helping you sleep better.To participate in this weeks challenge click here.

Ongoing Programs - Dec, 2019 & Jan, 2020

Event Date Start Time
Daily Ashtprakari Puja Daily 7:30 AM
Aarti-Mangal Divo Weekdays 8:15 PM
Sat/Sun/Holidays 7:30 PM
Chundadi Daily in the morning
Chaudas Pratikraman 01/09, 01/23 6:30 PM
Sthanakvasi Pakhi Pratikraman 12/26 6:15 PM
Monthly Snatra Puja and Navkar Mantra Jaap 12/28, 01/25 9:30 AM
Monthly Bhavna Bhakti 12/27, 01/31 7:30 PM
JCYC & JSG Pathshala / Adult Swadhyay / Sutra Class 01/05, 01/19
9:40 AM

Adult Swadhyay-Tattvarth Sutra

Evening Swadhyay:

Adhyatmasar Swadhyay (Shri Girishbhai)
Yog Drashti Samuchay (Shri Hasendrabhai)
Vachanamrutji (Shri Rameshbhai)
Yogsatak Swadhyay (Shri Girishbhai)

01/05/, 01/19

Every Monday
Every Tuesday
Every Wednesday
Every Thursday

10:00 AM

8:00 PM to 9:30 PM
8:30 PM to 10:00 PM
8:30 PM to 10:00 PM
8:00 PM to 9:30 PM
LA Study Group (LASG) 10:00 AM
Bhaktamar Stotra Pravachans 01/05, 01/19 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
Adult Swadhyay (Non Pathshala Days) 12/29 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon
  • Shri Rameshbhai is out of country. His Swadhyay is temporarily postponed.

Lifetime Tithis

  • 12/30 Rekhaben Salvi - For Kiritkumar A Salvi
  • 1/1 Vadecha, Vipin and Jyoti -Punyatithi of Lilavatiben Devshibhai Vadecha
  • 1/13 Shah, Nilesh and Krina Shah, Vimlaben Ratilal
  • 1/19 Sheth, Samir Komal and Hitesh Kajal- Death Anniversary of Shri Satish Mehta
  • 1/20 Parekh, Ketan and Bhavna- Kamlaben Parekh
  • 1/21 Kamlaben K. Shah and Family C/O Shah, Jatin and Asha -Kirtichandra N. Shah
  • 1/24 Sheth, Harshad and Bharti -In Memory of Shri Harshadbhai Sheth
  • 1/25 Vadhecha, Niruben,Pragnesh & Biren -In Memory of Shri Jashvantlal Devshibhai Vadhecha

Send a photograph of your loved one to Kinal Modi at kinalmodi12[at]yahoo.com.
Please contact Ketan Parekh at ketan.parekh[at]jaincenter.net for information, questions or any pledges.

Upcoming Events

Dignitary Visits & Shibirs

To Be Announced

Other News

1) Non Profit Yoga workshop by Patanjali Yogpeeth USA

Here are the details of the workshop. Please forward so that people can take advantage of it. Thank you so much for doing this.

Patanjali Yogpeeth USA Trust is offering a Self-development and Assistant Yoga Teacher Training program in Irvine, CA from Feb 7 to Feb 9, 2020 (See the attached flier and Registration form).

This Yoga course is taught by Dr. Dilip Sarkar & Shekhar Agrawal. Dr. Dilip Sarkar, a retired Vascular Surgeon turned Certified Yoga Therapist and Certified Ayurveda Practitioner. He is one of the foremost experts in Yoga Therapy who combines his 45-year experience in Western Medicine with his extensive knowledge of Integrative Medicine, including Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy. Shekhar Agrawal has been teaching Yoga for the last 20 years and also conducting yoga teacher training workshops for the past 10 years.

Workshop will cover Yoga & its Philosophy; Pranayama, its Philosophy & Practice; Anatomy & Physiology; Asanas & Traditional Exercises; Bandhas; Chakaras; Mudras; and Meditation, Acupressure. It will also cover Ayurveda, Healthy Life Style, Disease Specific Asanas/ Pranayama, Yoga Cleansing Kriyas (Jal Neti, Sutra Neti, Vaman Dhoti, Nasya) and much more. Multiple practice sessions will help you remember the different Asanas and Pranayams and the correct method to do them yourself.

Yoga and Ayurveda Philosophy books will be given FREE to all first timers. All meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Tea-break) are included.
I hope you, your friends and family members will take advantage of this GREAT opportunity. Please forward it to the people who might be interested in this workshop. For more details open the attached flyer or visit www.pyptusa.org.

This workshop is not for profit workshop. The fees cover meals & rents and basic costs.

Click Here for Flyer

Click Here for Enrollment Forms

2) Inauguration of SMJV Boy's Hostel - Ahmedabad

Shri Mahavira Jain Vidyalaya is happy to announce the inauguration of a Boy's hostel in Ahmedabad, India on 05/01/2020.

Please see the invitation received from SMJV, Mumbai for inauguration of the Ahemdabad Boy's Hostel. If you happen to be in India and would like to attend the event, please fill out the form and email/mail the completed form to SMJV, Mumbai.

Please CLICK HERE for the form
Please CLICK HERE for the Agotaru Amantran (Advance Invitation)

3) Shree Shatrunjay Mahatirth 99 Yatra 2020

With Shree Adinath and Acharya Bhagwant's blessings, approximately 78 people in the year 2016 completed an auspicious event that they still remember to date.

After the unforgettable 99 Yatra In 2011 and 2016 many Jains felt they missed out on a
wonderful opportunity, but with the support of JAINA, approval was granted to perform this 99 Yatra event again at SHREE SHATRUNJAY MAHATIRTH - 2020/2021.

We are planning to do the following:


Please Click Here for more details.

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