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Posted: 29.08.2007

Anupreksha [contemplation] and Svasthya [health]

Contemplation or anupreksha is an experiment of emotional transformation. The question of health is also linked with it. Anger leads not only to mental and emotional sickness but also to physical sickness.

The first thing that results from anger is that our blood becomes poisonous. If the blood is extracted from a person who is in a fit of rage and that blood is transfused into the body of another person, the recipient may die prematurely. There are instances of infants dying because the mothers breast­fed them in an enraged state of mind.

Anger can produce such poison. Anger can very easily lead to a heart attack. Anger and heart attack are allies. Anger is responsible not only for emotional sickness bat also for physical illnesses. Many physical illnesses are connected with pride as well. The sympathetic nervous system of a person given to too much pride becomes very active and there is a growing danger of that person getting heart attack, peptic ulcer etc. Many illnesses are connected with deceit as well. A fraudulent person is pleased with himself when he has hatched a conspiracy to save himself. He appears apparently satisfied, but internally, he creates innumerable problems for himself. And the tension created by anger is not as much as the tension created by deceit.

Anger does create the tension, but the tension created by deceit is more terrible. It accumulates within and leads to many physical and mental problems. Many illnesses are connected with greed as well.

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