Kolkata : Spiritual Lecture On Life After Death

Posted: 18.04.2006
Updated on: 09.11.2010

A series of spiritual lectures, called Bodhi Lectures, on Jain Dharma and related topics is held every first Sunday of the month at Mahasabha in Kolkata. These lectures are in memoriam of late Sri Chand Rampuria who was a scholar of Jainism and member of Mahasabha. The lecture of the first Sunday in April 2006 was given by Sadhvi Yogkshem Prabhaji on the subject "Is there life after death?" Sadhvi Yogkshem Prabhaji's group leader is Sadhvi Nirvanshreeji who is expected to stay with her group in Kolkatta at least until November 2006.

Sadhvi Yogkshem Prabhaji delivering her speech at Mahasabha Bhavan, Kolkata

Primarily, Sadhvishree gave a brief outlook on the attitude of Islam and Christianity towards the concept of rebirth. She pointed out that the concept of rebirth is one of the fundamentals in Jain Dharma, different to Islam and Christianity. Jaina philosophers and preceptors propounded that any existing being or object must have its origin and its end, “Everything which exists must have its pre-existence and its past existence, otherwise it ceases to exist.”

The main cause of rebirth is karmic bondage, Sadhvishree continued. At the end of one human life, the soul leaves the body and transmigrates from human realm again to human or animal realm or to heaven or hell, according to one's deeds.

Sadhvishree referred in her lecture to the teachings of Lord Mahavira, saying that a journey called Antral Gati is responsible for the transmigration of the soul. Further, she quoted various examples from Jain canonical literature, namely remembrances of rebirth by Meghkumar, Mrigaputra, Bhariguputra, Harikeshbal.

In her commentary on Sadhvishree's lecture, Dr. Samani Chaitanya Pragyaji (photo) gave some further examples of rebirth in Jain canonical literature.

Sadhvishree Nirvanshree reminded the audience to be alert not to move to a lower than human realm, namely narak and triyanch Gati.

Sadhvishree Nirvanshree underlined how important it is to realise oneself as human through the development of humanitarianism on the base of Ahimsa.
The function was compered by Dr. Manju Nahata and presided by Rajkaran Sirohia, president of Mahasabha.

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