Ignatius Xavier Joseph - News Peace to the World

Published: 12.12.2008
Updated: 12.12.2008

I have been to the North
I have been to the East
I have been to the West
I have been to the South

I bring you tidings of great joy, from four corners of the World,

News, News, I,,,,,, News, News,

Water receded, life spurts, so cute and pleasant
My dear species, my dear friends Lets relinquish our foe and renounce violence.

Come out my dear friends, lets celebrate our new future of HOPE,
emphasizing in living, sharing, feeling and playing.

Let Humanity be our religion, irrespective of faith, race, class, caste & region.
Let PEACE endure in the whole world and rule every citizen's heart mind and soul.


News, Peace to the World


I’s Ahimsaism


Without brush




Oil on Canvas & Acrylic


90 cm x 90 cm


Ignatius Xavier Joseph

A New Style in Art

India invented a new style in art based on Indian values and culture adopting new technique based on the 5 principles of Jinas and poetry correlate to the visual language (optional). This style is to propagate Vegetarianism, Ahimsa, Peace, tolerance and anti-terrorism.

I's Ahimsaism painting exhibition was officially declared open on 1st October, 2006 by a Gandhian G.Narayana Rao I.A.S retd., gold medalist M.sc Osmania University, Gandhi Bhavan trustee and prime mover in building Venkateshwara Temple at Vattam Mehboobnagar dist. A.P.& Sathram at pilgrimage centre at Varanasi and Rameshwaram.

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