Message Of H.H. Acharya Mahapragya On The Eve Of New Year

Published: 24.12.2008
Updated: 23.10.2010

“New year is welcomed everywhere. People go to their auspicious places and wishes for success and blessings for year. Each passing year handover its heritage to the coming fresh year. This passing has its own reward and drawback.

Globe has been vigilant towards the environmental problem, this is good forward move. But the pace with which this is moving towards the solution is not satisfactory.  World has came to single platform to fight against the increased violence and terrorism. Lots of discussion, brain storming is happening to resolve this problem. This is good sign for future. Attention is required that solution process doesn’t take the decades for resolving this critical issue.

On the eve of New Year, I would like to inform that we are transforming the Ahimsa Yatra programme to Ahimsa Samvay. A 7 codes programme has been planned for execution of Ahimsa Samvay. I believe that majority of people wants to live with peace. Because they know that without peace, there is no progress. We too can’t ignore this basic fact that the foundation of peace lays on the Non Violence and Harmony.

We can experience and even experiencing in current scenario that man’s expectation and desires are crossing the drawn boundaries of control. Individualism has increased. Killing a man is now as easier as breaking the twig. The level of kindness and sensitivity has decreased beyond the imaginations.

On the lighten Sunrise of New Year, lets enlighten ourselves with oath to change the problem oriented environment by

  1. Developing the Spiritual consciousness
  2. Developing the Social consciousness
  3. Developing the consciousness for Kindness and Sensitivity

Acharya Mahapragya

Mahima Bokariya
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