Ahimsa and Veganism - Last Observations On The Subject

Published: 27.03.2009
Updated: 19.06.2011

Ref: Ahimsa and Veganism - Ref: Observations by Dr. Kachhara

N.L.  Kachhara

I highly appreciate the concern of Prof. Francione for animals. His compassion for rescued dogs speaks a volume for his love for animals; it is an example to others. However, he has not addressed the question of our survival. Our love and kindness for animals would be meaningful only when we survive.

There are two broad methods of producing food (1) traditional farming with domestic animals, and (2) mechanized farming without animals. Organic farming, which is now increasingly becoming popular, could be considered as a mix of these two methods. In developing countries mechanized farming is possible in a limited way only as most farmers have smallholdings, besides other reasons. There appears to be no alternative to animal farming at present. But it would be interesting to compare the himsa, if possible, involved in the two methods of farming. Estimates of himsa should consider the himsa involved not only in the process of farming but also that in the use and production of means like machines, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, irrigation methods, power, etc. A study of this kind would be interesting, and perhaps revealing too. Traditional farming method has been found to be eco friendly and should involve less himsa.

All must attempt minimization of himsa. Householders cannot avoid occupational himsa; they may only aim for its minimization. Total elimination of himsa is possible only by omniscient. Unnecessary domestication of animals for pleasure and recreation is not justified. But the question of survival is fundamental and involves some unavoidable himsa. The important thing is that animals are treated with proper respect, compassion and love.

‘Parasparopagraho Jeevanam’, beings are mutually helpful. In practice lower organisms help higher organisms more than vice versa. All organisms, Ekendriya to Panchendriya, help human beings in their survival. Humans must recognize this and reciprocate in a proper way by observing non-violence and considerate treatment towards them.

Narayan Kachhara


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