Walk With Me: The Story of Mahavir - A Remarkable Revolutionary

Published: 22.06.2009
Updated: 30.07.2015

Walk With Me: The Story of Mahavir - A Remarkable Revolutionary


Bhagwan Mahavir was a remarkable revolutionary. Remarkable because he preached a spiritual philosophy that was steeped in thousands of years of tradition, yet through his actions he revolutionized hundreds of generations that followed. In fact, his message is timelier now than ever before.

Walk With Me is the story of an enlightened man who challenged an oppressive caste system, uplifted the status of women in society, and saved millions of animals from cruel, sacrificial slaughter. His was the first peace movement, the first environmental movement, the first movement for social justice, and the first movement to recognize the dignity and equality of every living being. His is a story of transformation, one that continues to inspire all who hear it.

No one could tell Mahavir’s story better than Indrabhuti Gautam, a learned Brahmin pundit who became his first disciple. Gautam was honored as a ‘Ganadhar’ or Group Leader, by Mahavir. He walked in Mahavir’s footsteps for 30 long years. Walk With Me is a first hand account of the remarkable relationship that evolved between Mahavir and Gautam, and offers us the opportunity to see Mahavir through Gautam’s eyes.

This book is co-authored by Acharyashri Chandanaji and Professor Vastupal Parikh.  Chandanaji is the founder of Veerayatan - a socio-spiritual Jain organization that has been serving the poor in Bihar and Gujarat for last 38 years.  She is an ‘Agam’ scholar and an authority on Mahavir. She gave a series of lectures on Bhagwan Mahavir.


Jainism and the New Spirituality


Dr. Vastupal Parikh, the author of very popular book - Jainism and the New Spirituality - has rendered Chandanaji’s lectures in an easy to read and understand story format.

Like Dr. Parikh’s earlier book, Walk With Me is also beautifully printed on art paper with several stunning colored pictures showing Bhagwan Mahavir’s life.

Worried about terrorism, wars, violence, environmental degradation, discrimination, and poverty? Listen to Gautam carefully and you will be inspired to be an activist.


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