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Published: 31.12.2009
Updated: 26.01.2010

http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/persons/Acharya_Mahaprajna/Soul_is_my_God_-_Acharya_Mahaprajna.jpgThe wheel of time is moving at its own natural speed incessantly. Year 2009 is about to pass leading to bright dawn of 2010, heralding new optimism, hope, prosperity and peace. Human being, the most intelligent life in this Universe, must ponder on how to use time effectively - how to live, how to develop peaceful environment.

World faced various problems including problem of economic recession; problem of terrorism and extremism. World leaders are engaged in the pursuit of finding solution to these problems. Poverty, Unemployment and Hunger are ridiculing humanity and challenging peaceful coexistence. There can be several factors responsible for creation of these problems. In my opinion, root cause for these problems is the lack of compassion, callousness of humane values. It has become common belief that our societies are becoming less sensitive to moral values. Fundamental value of life is peace. We have not seen the extent of stress and unrest prevalent in the world today, even in last 2000 years. Priorities of life have changed. Today development is being seen through eyes of economic development only. In 1948 Acharya Shri Tulsi started “Anuvrat Movement” for overall development of the nation which is inclusive of human and moral values. He proposed basic tenets of humanity for different strata of society. Unfortunately society gave priority to economic development rather than moral values and that has become the root cause of problems.

Materialistic economic development in the world has increased consumerism manifold. Excessive use of natural resources and its products are polluting air, water and environment. Such pollution is not only impacting our physical health, it is negatively impacting our mind and thought. For making this world a beautiful place to live for our future generation, we must be able to strike balance between development and environment.

On the eve of New Year 2010, I will like to place my thought before the learned human beings and also before all the Spiritual Heads - let us all jointly establish the biggest Factory of the World, the Factory of COMPASSION. If we all are serious and ready to ponder over this problem of mankind, I am sure a solution can be found.

Let us pledge to establish world peace by offering the oblation of compassion to the new dawn of 2010.

Let's resolve to offer our total dedication and devotion towards kindness and tenderness for creation of sustainable World Peace.

Acharya Mahapragya


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