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Published: 05.09.2010
Updated: 30.07.2015

JAINA: Federation of Jain Associations in North America


I, Pravin C. Shah, Ex. Founding Chair Person (1997-3/2010), JAINA Shri V.R. Gandhi Scholarship/Memorial Committee mention here in below details of Shri V.R. Gandhi (VRG) Memorial Stamp Albums and other details collected from information furnished/supplied to me by new JAINA VRG Committee.

I request you to help JAINA VRG Committee by getting distributed remaining VRG Stamp Album Kits and thereby to generate/raise necessary more funds for enhancing VRG Committee's Great Scholarship Program (62 Scholarships from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000 are awarded in about 24 Universities/Institutions across India to students, 50 % of them being Non-Jains, who are pursuing their Advance Research studies i.e. Ph.D./ Master (M.A./ M.Phil/) etc. in JAINISM. When enough funds become available VRG Committee wants to extend this program beyond India. Scholarship Committee has entered in to its 13th year of existence since its founding in 1997.

EXCLUSIVE Collector’s Philatelic Special VRG Memorial Stamp Album (with valuable philatelic materials- rarely available any where and not for sale) are available now from JAINA VRG Committee. Pl. see its more details inside this email. Limited Albums are available now until the the stock lasts on first come first serve basis.

I attach herewith a Pictures of VRG Memorial Stamps (REAL STAMPS included in the above album) issued at Mega Event held at Bhaidas Sabhagrih (Auditorium), Vile Parle (W), Mumbai on Nov. 8, 2009.


Further more now book "Gandhi Before Gandhi" is accessible now on eJain Library.


Click on the following link: http://www.jainelibrary.org/book.php?file=007501OR Type "007501" in Global Search box of home page of website.

VRG Mission and its activities are posted on JAINA’s Website at www.jaina.org, click at 'JAINA Committees’, click at ‘Services’, Click at ‘V.R. Gandhi Scholarships’ and finally click on "Click Here" when it appears to go in to different sections including vast literature therein.

I EARNESTLY REQUEST you to forward this Email in its entirety along with its ATTACHMENT to your Sadharmik Friends/Relatives/your circle.

Pravin C. Shah

Ex. Founding Chair Person (1997-3/2010), JAINA Shri V.R. Gandhi Scholarship/Memorial Committee
Long Island, New York
Ph. 516-248-8265
Cell # 516-424-1523


 In memory of and paying homage to Great Jain, more to say a Great Indian, Humanitarian, Patriot, Reformer, a Jain Emissary - Late Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi [25 August, 1864 - 7 August, 1901] (a.k.a. VRG) the Government of India, Postal Department, released one beautiful multi-colored commemorative Rs. 5 value Stamps, First Day Cover and Brochure on November 8, 2009 at a grand function held in Mumbai, India.VRG was the Jain delegate at the first Parliament of World Religions at Chicago, in 1893 where Swami Vivekanand had represented Hindu Religion.

At this event, jointly organized by W.J.C. (World Jain Confederation) and JAINA (Federation of Jain Associations in North America), nearly thousand people incl. some dignitaries, religious leaders and others including philatelic V.I.P. Maharashtra ’s Post-Master General, Pujya Naynapadma Sagarji who dignified the event by his presence and blessing the occasion and Smt. Rajashree Birla who was the Chief  Guest. Shri Kirit Daftary, Past JAINA President and Pravin C. Shah, then Chair, JAINA VRG Committee had attended this Event. VRG Memorial Stamp was initiated by JAINA in 1998. (Refer Jain Digest Winter Edition 1998, page # 7).

On this occasion, an EXCLUSIVE Collector’s Philatelic Special Album (not available for sale any where) was released and JAINA had ordered these keep-sake limited edition valuable philatelic materials. It includes official First Day Cover (FDC) with the new VRG Memorial Stamps with special cancellation; a sheet of 15 mint Rs. 5 stamp; a set of four newly issued stamps and the informative-pictorial Brochure.The official Folder priced Rs. 100 contains the block of 4 stamps, FDC with Canceled Stamp and the Information Sheet.

This special collector’s packet with the Album, the Folder and the Booklet are offered complimentary as part of our fund rising for the VRG Scholarship Fund and VRG related activities. Anyone who donates US $ 50 or more (tax-deductible for USA) would receive this memorable items FREE on first come first serve basis as limited quantity is available. This offer is valid until the limited stock lasts.

Please send your donation in US currency check or draft of US $ 50 payable to (in favor of) JAINA and mail it to:[Note: Please indicate VRG Scholarship Fund in the memo and mention of your name, address, telephone number and email address.]

Shri Ashvinbhai Mehta
JAINA Headquarters
43-11 Ithaca Street
Elmhurst, New York, 11373
JAINA Headquarters <jainahq[at]gmail.com>Ph. # 718- 606-2885

Your donations will be used as usual for this good cause of awarding Scholarships to students Jain or non-Jain who are pursuing their Advance Research Ph.D., Master (M.A./ M.Phil/) etc. studies in JAINISM through out India. So far  JAINA VRG Committee has awarded 62 such Scholarships from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000 in about 24 Universities/Institutions across India based on merits, irrespective of race, religion to needy students, nearly 50 % of them being non-Jains. When enough funds become available, it may extend this program beyond India. Scholarship Committee has entered into its 13th year of existence.

After more than a hundred years, three books written by Shri V.R.Gandhi in English are now edited by  Dr. Kumarpal Desai as 2nd editions and VRG's Biography in Gujarati were released during the function, which were very well appreciated.

“A TRIBUTE TO 19TH CENTURY INDIAN LEGEND SHRI V.R.GANDHI” a special booklet, giving the history since VRG’s untimely death in 2001 till Stamp Release Event and detailing the efforts made by many people to perpetuate the memory of VRG, was published/released by the JAINA’s V.R.Gandhi Committee and was sponsored by Maheshbhai V. Gandhi, Gunwantbhai Barvalia & Pankaz Chandmal Hingarh.   

At this event Pravin C. Shah during his speech, emphasized on two important issues: 1. (one) to include the VRG Biography in school curriculum and 2. (two) to name some roads in VRG’s name and install VRG's Statues at Chawks or Squares by local authorities within their towns and cities starting from VRG's Birth Home Bhumi Gujarat and next his Karma Bhumi Maharashtra.

"Gandhi Before Gandhi" by Dr. Bipin Doshi of Mumbai & Ms. Priti Shah of Ahmadabad was released on December 26, 2009 by Shri Narendra Mody, Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat. Drama with the same title is being performed since its RELEASE on December 25, 2009 both at JITO. As per the latest information about 100 shows have taken place. This book has received Best Book Award on February 20, 2010 at 9th Trans-media Gujarati Film & Drama Awards Ceremony held at Tulip Hotel, Ahmadabad.  Furthermore book “Gandhi Before Gandhi” is accessible now on eJain Library. Click on the link: http://www.jainelibrary.org/book.php?file=007501 OR type “007507” in Global Search box of home page of website.

Biography like Books on his (VRG's) life in Gujarati and English were also published by VRG Committee. If more funds become available, reprint of those books is under consideration.

Researches: Pankaz Chandmal Hingarh has done researches in last three years on VRG. He has successfully discovered many VRG's historical materials including VRG's Interview by New York Times. Preeti Shah and Renuka Porwal traced a letter of Muni Atmaramji to Mumbai Jain Sangh relating to prayschit demand from VRG on his travel to the West. Maheshbhai V. Gandhi discovered the original handwritten letters & autographs and VRG’s photographs were made available and liaisons with the VRG’s fourth generation.

VRG Committee activities are posted on JAINA’s Website at www.jaina.org, click at 'JAINA Committees’, click at ‘Services’, Click at ‘V.R. Gandhi Scholarships’ and finally click on "Click Here" when it appears to go in to different sections including vast literature therein.

VRG Committee requests you to forward this to your friends and relatives and also earnestly request to try to convince your Jain Center President, Officials, JAINA Directors to print  this Appeal /Announcement in Center's News Letters and/or to post on their Center Bulletin Boards to make our community aware of.

For any questions, please contact JAINA VRG Committee:
Committee Chair Akash Jhaveri <akashjhaveri[at]yahoo.com> at (201)  (201) 523-0483 or Co-Chair Jinesh Shah <jineshs[at]gmail.com> at 917-853-1918
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