Glimpse of Virchand Gandhi Stamp Release and 'A tribute to 19th century Indian Legend' Book by JAINA.VRG

Published: 08.09.2010
Updated: 02.07.2015

JAINA: Federation of Jain Associations in North America

Virchandji Raghavji Gandhi’s (VRG) original karmayogi descendants:

VRG was born to Mahuva Nagar Sheth Shri Raghavji Tejpalji Gandhi. VRG married to Pujya Devi Jiviben & had one son Shri Mohandas who inherited characteristics of his father like serving basic layman. Though VRG represented Indian culture & Jainism he was outcasted & after his demise life became miserable for VRG descendants. Shri Mohandas had two Sons eldest Shri Dhirajji & Shri Rasikbhai.  Today only Shri Dhiraj bhai’s family stays in ancestral house of VRG at Mahuva & Shri Rasikbhai  Family long back settled at Bhavnagar. Shri Dhirajji Gandhi’s son Shri Dilipji Gandhi, Shri Kirtiji Gandhi and Shri Chandreshji Gandhi and Shri Rasikji Gandhi's Sons are current important contributors on VRG and need to be felicitated by Jain Community.

Establishment of JAINA,VRG scholarship Committee:

Federation of Jain Association of North America (JAINA), established VRG Scholarship Committee in 1997 as homage and in his honor, for advancing, research studies in Jainism and VRG’s unpublished literature at recognized Universities/Institutions and Pravin C. Shah, Chair, JAINA, VRG committee from 1993 has displayed tremendous Passion for VRG mission. And due to his & Shri Kantilalji Mepani's efforts JAINA,VRG committed was founded and Pravin C Shah was appointed as founder chair (1997-2010). He was accompanied by Jain Scholar Prakashji Mody, JAINA Senior Leader in this mission.

JAINA played Major role in Initiating VRG Stamp Release under guidance of Param Pujya Shri Chitrabhanuji & same was given justice by Maheshji Gandhi (VRG Stamp Release major Contributor), Pradipji Jain (Philatelist, Gov. of India, Patna), Doulatji Jain (Chennai, Ministry of Environment, Govt. of India), Shri Dhirubhai Mehta, Shri Prakashji Mody (Philatelist) & stamp release function was hosted successfuly by WJC. 

JAINA, Anchor Switches & Rosy Blue Diamonds Generously donated USD 10,000 for VRG Stamp Release function. Shri Pratapbhai Bhogilal, Shri Chetanya Kasyapji, Shri Maheshji Gandhi, Shri. N.P.Jain saheb, Smt. Ilaji Shah, Shri Jituji Kothari and others played important role in creating awareness about VRG in media before and after Stamp release and successfuly hosted event under WJC.

In the following:

  • snaps of stamp release event
  • snaps of book release "A Tribute To 19th Century Indian Legend Shri Virchandji Raghavji Gandhi", edited & designed by:  Mahesh Gandhi, Gunwant Barvalia & Pankaz Chandmal Hingarh, published by Shri Pravinji C. Shah, Shri Prakashji Mody and JAINA,VRG Committee.
    Same will be added on jain elibrary too.
    And same was distributed as souvenir on Stamp eve.


Smt. Rajashree Aditya Birla reading JAINA.VRG book


Pravinji C. Shah at inauguration of Stamp Release with other dignitaries


Smt. Rajashree Birla, Shri Pravin C. Shah & Shri Mahesh Gandhi


Virchand Gandhi at a glance


Virchand Raghavji Gandhi family, VRG stamp and Others


Virchand Raghavji Gandhi


Virchandji Gandhi family and Others on Stamp eve

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