Samani Charitra Pragya and Samani Prasanna Pragya Celebrated Paryushana in San Diego (USA)

Published: 04.10.2010
Updated: 30.07.2015

Samani Charitra Pragya and Samani Prasanna Pragya Celebrated Paryushana in San Diego (USA)

On the auspicious occasion of Paryushan Parva 2010, the Jain Society of San Diego was blessed by the presence of Samaniji Charitra Pragyaji and Samaniji Prasanna Pragyaji. Even during their short stay in San Diego, they did lot of activities to elevate entire Jain Sangh and help progress them on their spiritual path. To kick start the paryushan parva they motivated Jain Sangh to do 1.25 Lakh jaaps collectively.

They graciously offered to give three Pravachans per day. There were 3 parallel tracks of topics that they choose to spread the essence of Jain religion.

In the morning they taught 6 Avashyak, in afternoon, Acharang Sutras and in the evening, Bhaktamar Stotra. There were also Pravachans and religious stories for kids in the weekend. Inspite of the busy schedule of their Tap and Sadhana and along with these spiritually enriching

Pravachans, Samaniji also helped the Jain Sangh to purify their souls by conducting a daily Pratikraman in the evening. The whole Sang was elevated with spiritual fragrance with their grace and compassion.

Mahavir Swami’s Janma Kalyanak:

The auspicious day of Mahavir Jayanti celebrations was graced by Samaniji Charitra Pragyaji and Samaniji Prasanna Pragyaji. They inspired the bhaav of the whole Sangh by their knowledge and stories about Bhagwan Mahavir. Their presence also motivated the Sangh to contribute towards building their own Jain Centre.

Samvatsarik Pratikraman

On the divine occasion of Samvatsarik Pratikraman, when the whole Sangh was enthusiastic and excited to continue their new spiritual journey, Samaniji gave a very spiritual anusthan/pachkhan for the whole year - whenever you get angry, you should stop for 10 minutes, smile and react after 10 minutes. They also explained the importance of forgiveness making the whole event a practical implementation rather than a mechanical ritual.

Tapasvi Bahumaan & Swamivatsalya Lunch

The Swamivatsalya was conducted on the day after the Samvatsarik Pratikraman. In the morning, Samaniji visited the Tapasvis homes to do Parna. Later during the Tapasvi Bahuman ceremony, Samaniji sang a song specially composed for the Tapasvi’s. They also provided motivation for the community to build a Jain Center. Community pledged support for the new community center and donated total of $350,000 in their presence.

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