Nakoda Jain Temple

Published: 26.01.2011
Updated: 09.05.2013
Nakoda Jain Temples, Nakodaji
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Main temple inside the temple complex:

  • Nakoda Parshvanath Temple
    • Shri Nakoda Jain Temple
    • Nakoda Bherav Temple

After entrance - straight ahead.

After main entrance - on the left:

  • Nakoda Rishabnath Temple
  • Nakoda Shantinath Temple

    One entrance for both temples


  • Nakoda Mahavir Temple

  • Nakoda Dadabari Temple on the hill

Jain Temples, Nakoda (Rajasthan), India

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  1. Bherav
  2. Dadabari
  3. Jain Temple
  4. Jain Temples
  5. Mahavir
  6. Nakoda
  7. Nakoda Bherav Temple
  8. Nakoda Dadabari Temple
  9. Nakoda Mahavir Temple
  10. Nakoda Parshvanath Temple
  11. Nakoda Rishabnath Temple
  12. Nakoda Shantinath Temple
  13. Parshvanath
  14. Rajasthan
  15. Shantinath
  16. Shri Nakoda Jain Temple
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