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Published: 07.11.2013
Updated: 30.07.2015

Acharya Tulsi Birth Centenary

Centennial For Millennium

Acharya Tulsi Birth Centennial Celebration is an event storming in India not as merely a celebration but also contributing to the society and in fact to the world for upcoming with better millennium, the millennium that we would like to live in. At present we have an excited but also developed anxious vision towards our future and think –What’s next? Many people are trying to predict where this medical engineering, techno–revolution, ethical issues, degrading environmental conditions, digression of faith in humanity, bottling up incidents of violence and abuse would lead us but yet it seems too difficult to trace out anything lucidly.  However, future is the product of our present undertakings. Thus, it becomes very important to beautify the present for wonderful future. The birth centennial of Acharya Tulsi is celebrated working for the cause of humanity, an effort that can hold the upcoming millennium high from the grave of catastrophic future. The reflection on the plans sorted out on the eve of birth centennial of Acharya Tulsi brings out the fact that it is more concerned about society and global family than personal or spiritual evolution. Achaya Tulsi was a man who strived hard for freeing the society from the clutches of varied problems and a true tribute to him can be given through continuing the same contribution further.

When we look into the life and works of Acharya Tulsi, we can observe him doing this and that but it is difficult to trace what he did worked for that stand for the good cause of human race. He worked for society for whole of his life. So, there is a lot he did for the society, nation and world.

To celebrate the birth such a great visionary carries meaning to both present and future of humanity.

Programs Pronounced and Propagated by Acharya Tulsi

  • Art- Hand crafts, painting, weaving art developed in his stand as a unique heritage in the world
  • Society- Anuvrat is the powerful 11 codes of conduct represents 11 pills that can cure all the problems of the society and heal the earth. He was rewarded socialist and reformer (Anuvrat is a beacon light in this field), perfect policist, Gigantic organisations like ABTYP, ABTTM, Terapanth Mahasabha and many more are formed to realize the goal of social reform. Several organisations are working under the banner of Anuvrat, Preksha meditation and Jeevan Vigyan, and JVB
  • Spiritual field- Being an engaged spiritualist forming various programs for spiritual development like Preksha meditation, science of living, Evening prayer - Arhat Vandana, Preksha meditation was designed and revived under his able guidance and inspiration. Establishment of multiple meditation centres and hundreds of camps is the contribution of Acharya Tulsi to spiritual field.  great guru (initiated 900 + ascetics into his order and guided in spiritual development)
  • Academic field- Establishment of JVB and JVBI, VVV and many schools and colleges in rural and urban areas focussing on value based education under the brand of Jeevan Vigyan (Science of Living) is his contribution to upcoming generations. Preparing ascetic group for academic and administrative purposes is another unique contribution owed to his list of contributions
  • Women empowerment - Naya mod, a great revolution stormed in India since the decades of 60’s for women empowerment and for freeing the women folk from social evil practices.
  •  Saviour of ancient heritage- he began the journey of editing the agamas texts and ancient manuscripts and other texts, and tried to save the treasure of ancient heritage of India in fact of Asia, that we need to inherit.
  • Vibrant orator and singer -   he addressed thousands of people every day and even at night alarming people to abide to the life of morality, spirituality and non-violence.
  • Prolific writer, Lyric composer and Prudent author- he was a man of letters  and authored approx. 140 books on different subjects, languages and from different sections of study and also in various composition styles, like in text, verses, poems, aphorisms, books presenting the matter in songs and many more unique ways of presentations. To the world of music- great composer of songs in Indian folk and classical lyrics (approx. 600 songs) and various other agama based compositions in Sanskrit, Hindi and Rajasthani). They are composed with a farsighted sense of value development in the society.
  • A philosopher - involved in delivering thousands of lectures on philosophical topics and written multiple philosophical books
  • A mobile Gurukul - he was a great visionary, travelled hundred thousand miles for teaching non-violent life style and for moral awakening.

Gandhi had received a copy of an article “Message of peace to an unquiet world” of Acharya Tulsi delivered on 26 June 1946 but published little later. Reading that one article, Gandhiji commented three times which shows how much he was influenced by the Acharya shri’s thoughts and how much identity they had in their ideas. The comments are as follows:

  1. ‘Why this delay in releasing such a message’
  2. ‘Has this right conduct been propagated?’ - This comment was given by Gandhiji when Acharyashri referred to ‘right conduct’ while calling upon the people to adopt peaceful methods.
  3. ‘How good it would be if the world lives in accordance with this great man’s precepts.’ - Gandhi said this reading the nine ways of achieving world peace.

The great persons can promptly mark out the greatness in another man.

What the Upcoming Millennium is aspiring for?

What we will see in the end of this millennium, we just cannot guess. The only way we can guess is by controlling and watching our present and designing our future as we wish I to be for us. What is that design that can bring us a prosperous millennium instead of Dry Millennium as our guess presents to us on the ground right now. We really want to enjoy an affectionate millennium, compassionate millennium, Non-violent millennium and a moral Millennium, right?  The only way to get it is moving on the path that leads to realization of that dream. Luckily we need not have striven for it. Acharya Tulsi has already given that path. The eleven codes of Anuvrat in themselves are potent enough to bring us a healthy millennium barring away the entry of viruses that make our millennium sick. We just need to walk on that royal path. As Gandhiji said “How good it would be if the world lives in accordance with this great man’s (Acharya Tulsi’s) precepts.’ - Gandhi said this reading the nine ways of achieving world peace.” Those royal rules prescribed for every human being breath in this millennium, are as follows:

Anuvrata: Code of Conduct 

  1. I will not kill any innocent being intentionally.
  2. I will not attack.
  3. I will not participate in violent and destructive activities.
  4. I will have faith in human unity and equality. [message of no discrimination].  
  5. I will have religious tolerance.
  6. I will be honest in business and behavior.             
  7. I will practice celibacy, I will limit my possessions.
  8. I will not adopt immoral means for election.
  9. I will not encourage bad social customs.
  10. I will live a life without addiction.-- will not take intoxicating or narcotic drugs, drinks and such things
  11. I will be alert towards problems of environmental pollution. 

Imagine the problems that exist and can emerge in future and reflect deeply on these codes, surely you will solution in any one or more of these codes. That is the greatness and these vows are for whole human race indiscriminate to any religious, social or cultural barriers.

Programs Heralded on the eve of Acharya Tulsi Birth Centennial

Millions of hearts are still beating with excitement to pay tribute to Acharya Tulsi including Jains, non-Jains, teachers, spiritual torch bearers and political leaders as well. A gigantic plan is drafted and has been worked upon by Terapanth Mahasabha in lead and several other organisations joined their hands for this pious cause. A bird eye view of those programs can help us realize how this centennial program is devoting for the welfare of the millennium.

Few of those prodigious programs are as follows:

  • Initiation of hundred persons as ascetics into Terapanth order.
  • Making one lakh people Anuvratis- a resolution for following the codes of anuvrat all along the life.
  •  Journey across the country with four Chariots alarming people against intoxication and other social evil practices and teaching the people non-violent life style.
  • Conferences on Anuvrat and moral upliftment every week in different universities addressing students as well as teachers.
  • Publication of the complete literature of Acharya Tulsi with focussed subjects like education, health, society, peace etc. in around 80 Volumes and distribution of them in Major universities and corporate offices etc.
  • Publication of Commemoration Volume on Acharya Tulsi.
  • Raising voice against family and social problems like feticide, domestic violence, environmental conservation etc.
  • Addressing political leaders to come up with national development strategy that promote peace and morality among countryman.
  • Celebrating Anuvrat Addressing week every quarter of the year and many more. The whole idea and list of programs can be known through web sites. These humanitarian programs are designed for the welfare of the human race in general and Indian community in particular.
    ….And many more other programs at global and local platform.

On the eve of the celebration of Birth Centennial of Acharya Tulsi, thousands of people and followers are standing invigorated to worship and extend their devotion and reverence to the holy feet of Acharya Tulsi by serving the community, receiving this as a unique and pious occasion.

All these activities are to be carried out under the pious guidance of His Holiness Acharya shri Mahashramana. The ceremonial beginning of this Annual celebration would begin on November 4th 2013 and end up in 2014. In this span of time all the planned activities will be accomplished. Thousands of people would contribute in this and feel themselves blessed to be part of this holy Yajna. Here we see a local becoming global and a particular transforming into universal. May these efforts of local and individual particular group of people can enchant the global community and set a universal impact for new way of living.

Although, the centennial celebration of Acharya Tulsi is for only one yearlong but its impact on the society and humanity is supposed to go long lasting and heal the upcoming centuries and hope the same for this millennium.

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