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Posted: 05.08.2014
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Freedom from Tension

Tension is one of the big problems of the present age.The plain meaning of tension is strain, which can be physical, mental and emotional. physical activity beyond one’s capacity leads to physical tension.Thinking beyond a particular limit causes mental tension.Imbalance  impulses results in emotional tension. Any kind of tension makes a person unnatural and restless. When one is tense, he does not feel inclined to eat, he cannot concentrate on any work and he is not able to think properly. That is why tension is included in the category of the diseases difficult to cure.

If we seriously consider the problem of tension, it appears that the physician has no medicine for it. The only unfailing treatment of tension is meditation. Countless people have found relief from tension by practicing meditation. Today also if anyone wishes to live a tension free life, he should practice meditation.

A renowned British comedian once went to a doctor with the problem of listlessness during the preliminary examination and questioning doctor found that the patient was not physically but mentally ill. after a little thought, the doctor said to the patient, ”Go to Girmaldi if you wish to get well. Stay with him for a week and you would be fine.” Girmaldi started laughing at the doctor’s suggestion.When the doctor asked him what made him laugh he said, “I am Girmaldi Myself. With whom should I stay?’

Tension can be treated

The simplest way to get relief from tension is Bheda vignan.The person who realizes and experiences the distinction between the soul and the body can never be in tension. For this, it is necessary to follow the dictum that “the soul is one  thing, the body is another thing.” and practice intense anupreksha.

Views of Acharya Tulsi on"Tension" from "The Vision of New Society."



Upcoming Events:


 Blood Donation Drive

JVBNA is organizing blood drive on September 6th between 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
This effort is part of a bigger awareness drive by Akhil Bhartiya TeraPanth Yuvak Parishad (Inspired by Acharya Mahashraman) to motivate people to donate blood for the greater benefit of society. http://abtypmbdd.com/ 
We have teamed up with RedCross to conduct this blood drive at our center 151, Middlesex Ave, Iselin NJ.
Each unit of blood is directly going to help at least three lives in United States that are in dire need of blood.
Please come forward and register to donate blood for this noble cause.

Make your appointment TODAY by Clicking Here
Note:  If needed, the W&G sponsor code is “JVBNA”
Donor Eligibility Guidelines:  Click here
Tips to boost your iron level:  Click here

Donation Tips (including tips after donating):  Click here

Please bring picture identification and remember to eat a healthy breakfast/lunch and drink a lot of fluids before donating!

Note: People who have visited India between Sep 5, 2013 to Sep 6, 2014 are not eligible for this blood donation drive due to an exclusion policy from RedCross to exclude countries where Malaria is still prevalent.



Children's Prayer Session at Center

The children’s prayer session is ongoing on Tuesdays starting on July 1st to August 1st at 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM at the center. Children practice reciting their prayers and learned how to recite Bhaktamar properly. The children were divided into 2 groups according to their age. The students were very enthusiastic and enjoyed learning all the new knowledge from Samanijis'. This is the positive steps that have been taken by Samanijis' that children will be able to continue practicing Jainism principles.



Samani Bhavit Pragyaji's Pravachan at Franklin Temple. 

Samnijis were invited for pravachan at Franklin Temple pratishtha anniversary celebrations. July 12, 2014. She emphasised on the importance of the “Satsang - Power of Soul”. in her pravachan. Sat, means the soul which has exists in all three kaals. Sang, the connectivity with the soul. Connecting with your soul, encourages the awakening of knowledge, and other benefits of being connected with one's soul, is it brings the development of human qualities and,refinement of conscience, thus reducing the binding of your karmas.

The other meaning of Satsang is company of saints and seers. Satsang also means company of good human beings. Her pravachan about the ”power of soul“ was very gladly received and appreciated by everyone present.



“Intro to Jainism” an online class will be offered at FIU in Fall 2014

REL 3336 - Intro to Jainism

Jainism is one of the oldest religion of the world. Non-violence, tolerance for multiplicity of views and non-attachment to material possessions are central to Jain belief.

Students will learn about the history and philosophy of Jainism and will be able to explore issues like agelessness of the Universe, absence of an omniscient, omnipotent God, soul - it's nature and liberation, respect for all living and non-living things, non-absolutism and what causes obstacles to the ultimate goal of liberation of soul.


Ongoing Activities at Center.

There are variety of  activities conducted on a regular basis at the center, please join whenever possible its a wonderful opportunity for our spiritual development.

Wednesdays - Yoga
Thursdays - Swadhyay
Saturdays - Prayer, Meditation, and Swadhyay



(We have started this monthly newsletter on the occasion of Achrya Tulsi’s Centennial Birthday Celebration. Acharya Tulsi was the man of Mission and Motives. Dr. Radhakrishnan former President of India (1888-1975) his book "Living with Purpose" included him in 15 great persons. Read more about Acharya Tulsi in upcoming issues.)

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