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Talks, Workshops and Entertainment


Speakers/ Workshops/ Performers and Activities Timetable


12 - 12.45

1   -   1. 50 

    2  -   2.50

3   -   3.50

      4   -    4.50

5   -    5.50

6   -    6.50


Room A
Downstairs in main building

Healthy chocolate that’s good for you!
Theresa Webb


Superfoods for super kids!

Theresa Webb

Veganism and anarchism

Gerard Bane

Learn about the threats facing the world’s oceans from the  fishing industry

Charlee Bennett
Black Fish

My Book - Growl:
life lessons, hard truths and bold strategies from an animal advocate

Kim Stallwood

Animals Asia –special focus on bear bile farming and the current huge project, conversion of a bear bile farm into a sanctuary
Maren Dallmann

Raw Foodism 16 years on - what I have learnt about raw foodism in the UK

Gina Shaw 

Room B
Downstairs in main building

   12 - 12.50

1 - 1.30

Children’s art workshop - Create your own sea creature using a variety of items and recycled things

Claire Gilbert

Vegan Children/parentsmeet up/ support/
sharing ideas


Andy Barnes

How to ensure that your living space fully supports a sustainable vegan lifestyle
Sophie Christopher - Bowles. See Sophie on the Eco Architecture stall.


London Vegan Societies
Raising awareness and promtoting veganism in London

Vegan Body Builders - diet and training to improve health, physique and physical performance
Alex Mitchell and Pete Ryan

Vegan performance poet and trumpet player

Philip Elston


Committee room 1
Upstairs in opposite


Sea Shepherd -
Direct action
campaigns in the UK

Brendan Kelly


Try the vegan approach -

interested in becoming vegan? this workshop is for you

Chrissy Leyland

“How Special Branch spied on the animal rights movement”

AR spycatcher


Not only beagles: A talk on the Italian anti-vivisection movement veganism

Tino Verducci

 Anti - Vivisection Coalition  -
Topical talk on animal research 


Andre  Menache
Sophie Kennerley

Vegan for the children - a practical talk on veganism for children and adults


Ethics, truth and Occam’s razor..
The New swiss Army Knife



Committee room 2
Upstairs in opposite building

Veganism in India - History, Opportunities and Challenges

Krishna Shastry



Ananda Marga - Short Meditation and talk on community projects in London and overseas by

Dada Jyotirupananda

Kiirtan - spiritual chanting that  purifies the mind and prepares it for meditation

Bratiisha Norman
and Meeta Lovage

Exhale Massage workshop
intensive hands on workshop using key techniques and working in pairs  
wear loose clothing, bring water.

Genene Edwards

Vegan for the earth- Animal rights and  environmental action

Matt Clowes

SPEAK - ten years of campaigning against horrific animal abuse at Oxford University

SPEAK Campaigns

Yehoeshahfaht Ben Israel
A return of the vegan culture and awareness set the tone for the consciousness and desire for health and life

Open Space

Time to be confirmed

Time to be confirmed

LUSH - bath bomb making workshop
Make a bath bomb to take home with LUSH

Children’s art workshop - with Alison
Make amazing patterns on paper using
dip dyed paper technique


12.00 - 12.30


Flashmob meditation  - Organised by Wake Up London

Room /

11.45 - 12.10

12.20 -12.45

  12.55 - 1.25  

1.35 - 2.00

2.10  - 2.35  

  2.45 - 3.10

3.20 - 3.45

4.05  – 5.35


Small hall
Upstairs in main building

Unique style of contemporary folk

Lenea Herew-
Pablo Imani Multidisciplinary artist, Soul toning

and African Hudo demonstration (African Tai Chi)



Martin Livewire and Ideal artist
Vegan hip hop

Love Revolution
Innovative mix of rock, 60’s pyschedelia and contemporary influences  

Andy Prince
Chapman stick player and versatile instrumentalist

Gareth Evans
Your taste in music will find something special in his music

 Helen Sewell
Weaves blues and Jazz chords into a folky mix of finger picking styles

Vegan Body Builders - Body weight push ups contest.
Visit Vegan Body Builders stall for info.


Small hall
Upstairs in main building

5.50 - 6.30


6.50   - 8.20



Centre for Conscious Awareness - Music and short meditation

Speed meeting
Facilitated  by Ian
Max 45 people
Over 16’sonly, Teens welcome (to mingle with other teens). Visit teen vegan stall for info.  

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