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Posted: 14.08.2014
Updated on: 30.07.2015


Federation of Jain Associations in North America
JAINA Education Committee

For the upcoming occasion of Paryushan Parva and Das Laxan Parva, we sincerely request for forgiveness if we may have hurt your feelings by thoughts, words or actions, knowingly or unknowingly.



Sad demise of Shri Pratapbhai Bhogilal Shah

Jaina Education Committee deeply mourns the sad demise of our very prominent Jain community leader, and great Industrialist, Shri Pratpbhai Bhgilal Shah and conveys their deep sense of sorrow.

He passed away on August 8, 2014 - 3:30 AM Mumbai, India time (today).  He was a Chairman of Batliboi Ltd., Board of Director for Automotive Axles Ltd.  He was the president of Atma Vallabh Jain Smarak of Delhi and Trustee of Jain academy Trust.  He was awarded “Great Mark of Honour & Officer’s Cross Award by the Austrian Government.

He was the one of the early key supporters of Jain eLibrary project. In 2009, when we had launched eLibrary website, he provided the complete set of Jain literature published by Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalay, Mumbai and Shri Bhogilal Laherchand Institute, Delhi.  He also supported JAINA Interfaith activity and Shri V. R. Gandhi’s memorial activity.

May Shri Pratapbhai Bhogilal Shah’s great soul rest in eternal peace.


Pravin K and Arti Shah
Members of Jaina Education Committee and
Members of Jain eLibrary Project
Members of JAB committee


Jaina Education and eLibrary Activity Report - August 2014

It has been several months passed by for Jaina Education and Jain eLibrary activity status report. During this time we have completed YJA-JAB activity and added high resolution pdf files to the eLibrary website of the books that we had scanned in the past 5 years. 

I will be travelling to UK, Singapore, and India for one month starting from August 15, 2014.  Since during Paryushana I will not be in USA,  I will not be able to communicate with you in time.  Please use jainaedu(at)gmail.com e-mail address for any communication.

Jain eLibrary Literature of Paryushana and Das Lakshana Parva

The Jain eLibrary website (www.jainelibrary.org) contains more than 14000 books, Articles, and few audio ritual files.  In 5 years, more than 28,000 people have registered to use Jain elibrary and downloaded more than 300,000 Books and Articles.  The total number of visitors exceeded 1,000,000.

In order to provide some assistance to the Jain community during Paryushan and Das Laxan Parva celebration, we have searched the entire database for the following information:

Paryushan Parva
Das Lakshana Parva
Samvatsari Day

The copy of the search result is attached with this email in xls file format. It contains 6 sheets. This will help you to download the needed information easily.

We have various pratikraman information for almost all different sects of Jainism such as Swetambar, Sthanakvasi, Terapanthi, Shrimad, Kanjiswami, and Dada Bhagwan.

We have audio (mp3) files of daily pratikramans and Samvatsari pratikramans of some traditions. 

For our English speaking youth and adults, we have also English pratikraman in text as well as in audio files.

YJA-JAB (Jain Academic Bowl) Program at the YJA Convention - Follow-up

YJA-JAB Youth Committee Members are:

Priyal Gandhi    Washington DC
Anish Doshi      Chicago
Anjali Doshi      Chicago
Chintav Shah     NJ
Siddharth Shah             Houston

There were about 50 youth registered for the JAB competition at the YJA convention.  The JAB youth committee selected the top 16 participants from online test and prepared 4 teams.  These teams played semi-final and final games at the YJA convention and the following team won the first YJA-JAB competition.  

Winning Team Name - Jain Jewels

Team members -

Akhil Ajmera (MD)
Parshva Vakharia (NJ)
Saagar Shah (NJ)
Vishwa Shah (FL)

We are very thankful to our youth for all their efforts and dedication to the successfully completing this project at the YJA convention.

Jaina Education Book Distribution Activity at the YJA Convention:

This year more than 750 youth attended the convention.  In this convention, Jaina Education committee distributed the following books to the attendees at free of charge.


  • Jainism 101 - Reverence for Life (Cost - $1.00)
  • The Book of Compassion (Collection of Articles) (Cost - $1.00)
  • English Pratikraman for Youth (Cost - $1.00)
  • Essence of World Religions (Cost - $1.00)
  • Jain Puja Book in English (New Publication) (Ashtaprakari puja, Shanti Kalash, Dreams) (Cost - $1.00)
  • Sutra Book in English - Samayik, Chaitya Vandan, Pratikraman Sutras (New Publication) - (Cost - $2.00)

You can view the pdf file of the above books at the following link of the Jain eLibrary Website

http://www.jainlibrary.org/jaina_edu_books.php  (Sr No 000201, 000221, 000241, 000211, 000247, and 000249 respectively)

The total cost of distribution was about $5000.00.  We are very thankful to the sponsors of this activity.

Request to all Pathashala Coordinators

Please order your Pathashala books requirements as soon as possible.  Now it takes about one month before you get your books.  All your book orders require to be paid by credit card and we will not ship the book parcels to the Jain society temple address. 

Use the following link to order your books.  Your cooperation is appreciated.


Jaina Education Activities at the upcoming JAINA Convention 2015 at Atlanta GA:

List of activities:


  • JAINA-JAB (Jain Academic Bowl) Competition -  Last JAINA convention, we had 16 teams participated from the various Jain centers.
  • Pathshala Teachers' conference - 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on the registration day.
  • Jain Workshop by Pathashala Teachers– During the convention, various teachers from different centers will present various subjects of Jainism during the convention for convention attendees.. 
  • Jaina Education Pathashala Books distribution (sale) booth. 

Sampurnaben Shah - Atlanta Pathashala teacher and coordinator will be the prime local coordinator for the above activities for the next JAINA convention of 2015.

JAB Manual Updates

The current JAB manual was frozen for any updates until YJA convention.  Now we will accept changes, suggestions and recommendations until September 7, 2014.  JAB Manual committee will review all such inputs and finalize the Manual for JAINA JAB competition activity.

You can download Word and pdf file of the current version of the JAB Manual from the following link of Jain eLibrary Website


Please use word file with track changes on, to submit your changes and recommendations.

The final version of the JAB Manual will be printed by October 2014 and printed manual will be made available via Jaina education material shopping Cart.  This way more centers and youth can participate in the JAB program.

Meghaben Doshi (Pathashala coordinator of Washington DC Jain Society - meghandoshi(at)gmail.com) will prepare the final version after the approval of the changes by the Committee members.

JAINA-JAB competition Administrative Committee of 2015

Anish Doshi and Anjali Doshi of Chicago were the YJA JAB 2014 administrative committee members.  They would like to continue to be the part of the Administrative Committee of JAINA JAB 2015 program.  Our objective is that JAINA JAB 2015 competition program should totally run by our youth as done in YJA JAB 2014.

We are very proud of our youth for volunteering their time for such activity.  We are very confident that they will do great job of administering the JAINA JAB program activity in the next convention.

Health News: Cancer - A Shocking Truth!

This 8-minute video explains how cancer is caused and how it grows.  Also it explains, how it be prevented easily.


Please do listen to it carefully.  I watched it and I am in full agreement with his basic explanation and prevention technique.

My Trip to UK, Singapore, and India

I will be travelling from August 15 for one month as follows:


  • London UK - August 15 to 17, 2014
  • Mumbai - August 18 to 20, 2014
  • Singapore - August 21 to September 1, 2014
  • Ahmedabad  - September 1 to 16, 2014

London Program

During my stay in London, Shri Kishorbhai Shah (scvplondon(at)gmail.com) of Shree Chandana Vidyapeeth (Veerayatan) has organized following two sessions:

August 16, Saturday (10 AM to 12:30 PM) Understanding Jain Way of life and how to apply Jain Karma Philosophy in daily life

August 16, Saturday (3:00 PM to 5:30 PM) Ahimsa - Holistic Approach to Spirituality - It is a science of Self Compassion, Health, Non-violence, and Ecology.

Venue - Shri Mahavir Foundation, 614 Kenton Road, Harrow - HA39NR

Mumbai Program

During my stay in Mumbai Dr. Bipinbhai Doshi in cooperation with JIO (Jain International Organization) has organized the following session on:

August 19, Tuesday (8:00 PM) - Jain eLibrary Project:  A Model of Collection, Preservation and Propagation of Jain Granth and Literature across the World.

Venue - Turquoise Bldg, 2 Floor, Kemps Corner, (Opp Millionaire Shop, next to Shalimar Hotel)

Muni Shri Nayapadma-sagarji will bless the session.

Singapore Program

From August 22 to 30, during Paryushan, Singapore Jain society (SJRS) has organized morning and evening sessions on various aspects Jain religion.  The theme of the evening session will be “How to apply Jain Principles of Karma, Ahimsa, Anekantwad, Punya and Pap, and non-possession by a Jain Shravak in 21st Century.

Jaina Education Committee’s Request for your Financial Support

The primary activities of Jaina Education Committee are as follows:  


  • To prepare, publish, and distribute Jain Päthashälä Education Material to support all Jain Centers of North America.  We have about 3500 students attending Päthashälä at various Jain centers in North America.
  • To support YJA and YJP activities by providing Educational Material free of charge during their conventions.
  • To support Jain Academic Bowl activities during JAINA and YJA convention.
  • To support Jain eLibrary website in order to provide reference literature to the Päthashälä teachers, students, adult Swädhyäy groups, and Jain academicians around the world.
  • To support Jain summer school (ISSJS) program and Jain scholars and academicians by providing them Jain educational material free of charge.

In addition to the above activities, the committee has supported, Jaina Exhibition committee, Jaina Interfaith committee and published Ashtäpad literature to support Ashtäpad project for Jain Center of New York.

The success of Jaina Education Päthashälä Books, eLibrary, and JAB activities are well known to all of you.

All Jaina Education Committee, eLibrary project members, and JAB members are volunteers.  However our eLibrary scanning activity, Pathshala book design, layout activity, Website expenses, book deficit etc.. adds up to about $25,000 per year.

Please make your contribution check (US dollars) to JAINA - Education and mail it at following address.  (Do not mail your contribution directly to the JAINA Headquarters.  The committee needs to keep proper record before it is deposited).

Jaina Education Committee
509 Carriage Woods Circle
Raleigh, NC 27607 USA

If you would like to contribute using credit card or in Indian rupees, please use the following link located in Jain eLibrary website:




Pravin K Shah
Jaina Education Committee

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