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Posted: 01.09.2014
Updated on: 02.07.2015




Om Arham

On this auspicious occasion of Paryushan Parva our heart felt:                   

MICHCHAMI DUKKADAM                                              

Forgive us for any ignorance. We beg your forgiveness from inner of our hearts for whatever misdeeds or misbehaviour whether knowingly or unknowingly occurred by ourselves to you through mind, thoughts, actions, speeches, emails, and meeting in any form or shape during the past year.

Self-Realization: I am pure soul. I am not body.
Concentrate on three spiritual jewels: Right Knowledge,
Right Vision and Right Conduct. 
While meditating, exhale and inhale through the process,
drawing our energy from the naval to head.
Concentrate on endless virtues and attributes of our soul. 
The practice of meditation helps us to purify our mental state,
to control our emotions of hatred, greed, etc., and
feel eternal happiness and serenity.
Live and Let Live 

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Meditation is a process that takes place beyond the senses


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