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Published: 16.11.2014
Updated: 21.11.2014

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Sadhvi Animashree ji  and Sadhvi Mangal Pragya ji learned disciples of His Holiness Acharyashri Mahashramanji left South Kolkata Terapanth Bhawan on 7.11.2014 at 6.27 A.M. along with their fellow Sadhvis - Sadhvi Karnikashri ji, Sadhvi Sudhaprabha ji, Sadhvi Maitriprabha ji and  Sadhvi Samatva Yasha ji after completing successful Chaturmas at South Kolkata. The journey started with a long procession of Shrawaks and Shrawikas from all over Greater Kolkata. The procession got converted into a discourse gathering at the residence of Kalyan Mitra Goyal Pariwar and Sri Sushil Saraogi’s Family at 9, Pretoria Street, Kolkata.

Sri Kailash Goyal welcomed Sadhvishreeji and all the lay followers. He also expressed happiness and praised for his good fortune for the auspicious occasion.

Sadhvishreeji gave detailed discourse (Vyakhan) on Raja Pardeshi as is usual for all the saints / nuns on completion of the Chaturmas. She explained in detail the queries raised by Raja Pardeshi before  Keshi Shraman and all the solutions to his queries and the process of his converting to a theist from an atheist by accepting the belief that there is existence of soul different from body.

At the end the Goyal Family and Saraogi Family welcomed all the guests with warmth. Goyalji also informed that his family was lucky enough to have got the benefit of ‘Sayyatar’ as Sadhvi Pramukhashreeji and fellow Sadhvi’s are also staying today at their home at Delhi, after Vihar from Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, Mehrauli, Delhi.

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Sushil Choraria
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