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Published: 15.12.2014

http://www.herenow4u.net/fileadmin/v3media/pics/persons/Samani_Pratibha_Pragya/Samani_Pratibha_Pragya.jpg http://www.herenow4u.net/uploads/pics/SamaniParnavPragya200.jpg
Samani Pratibha Pragya Samani Pranav Pragya

Jain Vishva Bharati London


We will NOT be having JVB Sunday Programme on 21st and 28th.  Please see details of below Bhagwan Parsvanath Janma Kalyanak program on 

Wednesday 17th December at 8.00 - 10.00pm.   

There will also be New Year Program on 31st December details will be mailed later this week.

 2014.12.17 JVB London

Hasu J. Vora
JVB London
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