Posted: 10.03.2016
By Dr. Pankaj Jain
Jainism, Dharma and Environmental Ethics Environmentalism is comparable to a child that only recently learned to walk. Ecospiritualities of different kinds seem to be the invisible backbone of the growth of this child. – Sigurd Bergmann Introduction Scholars such as Sigurd Bergmann have noted that each tradition is uniquely linked to its environment and it is best to try to look into native tradition for the...
Posted: 29.05.2015
Holistic Science Research Center Einstein, a great scientist has propounded a famous equation: E = M*C 2 . This equation was a result of his theory of relativity that has brought about a great revolution in terms of our perception of the beginning and functioning of this Universe. In this equation, E=Energy, M=Mass and C 2 = the square of the speed of light. Light travels at a speed of 1,86,300 miles per...
Posted: 20.04.2015
By Sudhir M. Shah
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