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Jain Center of Southern California





Ongoing Programs | June 2015






Start Time

Daily Asthprakari Puja


7:30 a.m.

Aarti-Mangal Divo


8:15 p.m.


7:30 p.m.


Daily in the morning


Chaudus Pratikraman


6:30 p.m. (weekday)

6:00 p.m. (weekend)

Monthly Snatra Puja and Navkar Mantra Jaap

6/20 First Saturday Of Lunar Month

9:00 a.m.

Monthly Bhavna Bhakti

6/26 Last Friday Of The Month

7:30 p.m.

JCYC Pathshala and JSG class and Adult Swadhyay on Tatvarthadhigam Sutra


9.40 AM

Weekly evening Swadhyay

Every Mon - Thurs

8:30 p.m.

Shri Adhyatmsar Granth


By Girishbhai

Choud Gunasthanak


By Hasendrabhai

Shrimad Rajchandra Vachanamrut


By Rameshbhai

Shri Yogshatak Granth


By Girishbhai





Upcoming Events




  • Osteoporosis Seminar by the JCSC Wellness Program -  Saturday, June 13, 2015
  • Program On "Jain Diksha" conducted by JCSC - Sunday, June 14, 2015





Life Time Tithis



June 2015






Dignitary Visits / Shibirs




  • Sunday, June 20 | Shibir on "Sukh Ane Shanti" conducted by Shri Girishbhai Shah
  • Saturday - Sunday, June 27- 28 | Workshop on "Discover the Powerful You" by Shri Jitenbhai Shah
  • Friday - Sunday, July 10- July 12 | "Samkit Shibir" by Shri Champaklal Mehta





Derasar Cleaning and Emptying Lockers Update



1) Collecting Personal Belongings After Cleaning Of Changing Rooms and Vacating Lockers:

On Saturday, June 6th, 2015, volunteers have cleaned the changing rooms and vacated lockers in the Derasar. All the items that were collected and removed by the volunteers are kept in large plastic bags. JCSC requests community members to please collect their belongings and left over items.These bags will be kept till Sunday,June 14th, 2015, which is also the last day of Pathshala. After this week end period, these items will be disposed off. Please make a note of this.

Henceforth, please do not keep any items in lockers or in the changing rooms overnight. Please note, any items left in lockers or the changing rooms will be removed every night. Lockers are for daytime use only.

2) Update on Derasar Cleaning Program:
JCSC  Derasar (Temple) Cleaning Program was held on Saturday, June 6, 2015 from 7:00 AM to 12 Noon. About 25 volunteers participated and did a great job with the cleaning activities. JCSC appreciates their efforts and and would like to thank all of them.  





JCYC Graduation Garba - (June 12, 2015)



JCYC Pathshala will honor their graduating seniors on Friday, June 12, 2015 by having the Graduation Garba in the Main hall, starting from 7.00 PM until 10.00 PM.
This is a great event to enjoy and celebrate our graduating seniors and is available
for all Pathshala students. 






Post Office Building Painting Project By Boy Scouts - (June 13, 2015)




Rushabh Doshi from Boy Scouts Troop 1005, will be doing his Eagle Project on Saturday, June 13, 2015 from 8 AM - 4 PM at Jain Center of Southern California and is seeking help from the community members to help in this project.This will involve repainting a few walls as well as doors and windows in the Post Office building. They will also be cleaning tables and chairs. Do come and volunteer, and get service hours (which will help in rank advancement). Food will be provided during this event. In addition, people who will be volunteering for this project will also be featured on the Jain Magazine's new issue. 






Seminar On Osteoporosis By JCSC Wellness Program - (June 13, 2015)



The JCSC Wellness Program is hosting an Osteoporosis Seminar on Saturday, June 13, 2015, from 10 AM to 1 PM. Lunch will follow.  

Think osteoporosis is a woman's disease? Think again! There are also plenty of men who
develop osteoporosis.

The seminar will address the following important topics about osteoporosis:

  • How to Prevent It 
  • How to Diagnose It
  • How to Treat It

There will  also be a bone density assessment machine onsite to measure your bone density. Other valuable information will be given about osteoporosis.

The seminar will be presented by Dr. Bindesh Shah, Orthopedic Surgeon and  Ms Aditi Shah, Dietitian.

Please register by email with Darshana Shah at dshah50@gmail.com.

If you have any questions, please contact Jayna Shah on 714-856-4256

Details of the event are available by CLICKING HERE





Last Date For JCYC Pathshala Early Bird Registration - (June 14, 2015)



Early Bird Pathshala Registration ends Sunday, June 14, 2015

JCYC Pathshala registration will end on Sunday June 14, 2015 midnight - which also happens to be the last day of Pathshala for this current session.
Please complete your child's Pathshala registration at the earliest to avail of this great opportunity. We will also provide you with an opportunity to come in-person and register your child at the reception table in the Post Office building from 10:30AM to 12:15 PM.
If you have any issues regarding online registration, please feel free to call Narendra Jain on 310-345-8580.





Program On "Jain Diksha" - (June 14, 2015)



All community members are invited to attend a program on "Jain Diksha", arranged  by the Jain Center Of Southern California. It will be a 45 minute program.

Date: Sunday, June 14, 2015
Venue: Aradhana Hall, Jain Center
Time:  12:15 PM to 1:00 PM (after Sunday class)

The highlights of the Program will be as follows:
         1)  Importance of Jain Diksha for a Jain Shravak/Shravika - Girishbhai 
         2)  Video showing a recent Diksha in Ahmedabad (Billionaire Bhanwarlal Doshi)
             - Yogeshbhai
         3)  Hasendrabhai will share his experience of his brother's Diksha
Attendees are welcome to join us for lunch, which will be served in the basement after the program ends.





Shibir on "Sukh Ane Shanti Ni Prapti" - (June 20, 2015)

The meals are provided for during this one day program.The registration can be done by clicking on the link below:

The paper copy of the registration form is also available at the Jain center information desk.

You can fill it out and return it to Amrish bhai Bhojak, the Jain Center care taker. 

For any questions please contact Yogesh Shah by phone at 909-952-9585 or via email shah_yj(at)yahoo.com


"સુખ અને શાંતિની પ્રાપ્તિ" 
"સંસારનું કે મોક્ષનું સુખ પ્રાપ્ત કરવા માટેની સાધનાના ચાર મુખ્ય કારણો"
આ શિબિરમાં વૈજ્ઞાનિક તેમજ મનોવૈજ્ઞાનિક, સૈદ્ધાંતિક તેમજ પ્રયોગાત્મક સાધનાની 

સરળ સમજણ મેળવવા આપ સૌને ભાવ ભર્યું  આમંત્રણ છે. પૂર્વેની શિબિરોમાં જે ઉત્સાહ 

અને ઉમંગથી મોટી સંખ્યામાં હાજરી આપી તેજ રીતે આપ સૌ આ શિબિરને પણ પોતાના

 માટે લાભદાયી અને મંગળકારી બનાવે તે જ જૈન સેન્ટરનો તેમજ, આયોજકોનો નમ્ર ઉદ્દેશ છે. 
Due to Father's day on Sunday, June 21, 2015, there will be no Shibir on Sunday.

Please see the revised schedule below.
This one day program will explore on essentials for “Sadhana”.
Location: Jain Center main hall, 8072 Commonwealth Ave, Buena Park, Ca 90621
This Shibir is conducted by Shri Girishbhai and the schedule is as follows:

Revised Shibir Schedule (June 20, 2015)


Saturday Activity

8-9 am


9-10:30 am

Snatra Puja at Derasar


Session 1


Session 1 continues

12:15-1 pm


1-2:30 pm

Session 2

2:30 -3 pm

Tea break

3-4:30 pm

Session 3

4:30-4:45 pm

Bio Break

4:45-6:15 pm

Session 4

6:15-7:30 pm






Workshop: "Discover The Powerful You" - (June 27-28, 2015)



2 Day Workshop: Discover the Powerful YOU
દરેક જીવ  સુખને ઈચ્છે છે. પણ સ્વ જાણ્યા વિના સતસુખ મળવું અઘરું થઇ જાય છે.

જ્ઞાનીઓ કહે છે કે "સુખ અંતરમાં રહ્યું છે". પણ અંતરને ઓળખવું કેવી રીતના?

તો આવા સુખનો ખજાનો, એવો આપણો આત્મા ચાલો ઓળખીએ  "ડીસ્કવર ધ પાવરફુલ યુ " શિબિર માં. 
Saturday, June 27th & Sunday, June 28th, 2015
10:00 AM – 12:30 PM (followed by lunch)
02:00 PM – 4:00 PM (followed by tea)
To register, please click the link below:
The Sessions will cover the following subject matter:

  •   What is TRUE HAPPINESS?
  •   3 tests to prove REAL HAPPINESS.
  •   How religion and spirituality can coexist in our day-to-day life.
  •   Existence of OUR true identity as a SOUL.
  •   Scientific way to recognize ourselves as a SOUL.
  •   How we can utilize the POWERS of SOUL to progress towards MOKSH.
  •   Importance of ‘YES I CAN’ philosophy. 

This two-day practical workshop will unleash OUR inner potential and help US discover OUR true existence through a series of lectures with unique experiments, audience interaction and Q&A. “Discover the Powerful You” is an exercise to realize and unravel the loving and kind YOU which resides inside all of us without our knowledge. It is a rare opportunity to connect with the self and begin the journey to freedom.
The language used at the workshop will be simple English & Gujarati. Effective for people from all age groups…. because the Soul is Eternal.
Meet the Speaker: Shri Jitenbhai Shah

  • Young age of 35.
  • Retired from active business by the age of 31. 
  • Pursuer of Spiritual Sadhna for the last 18 years. 
  • Swadhyay Karta on topics such as Nav Tatva, Bhakti Marg, Karmic Effects, Aatma na 6 Pad, Tyaag Vairagya, Uttam Sadhak, Bhakti Marg, etc
  • Conducts Shibirs all over India, Dubai and the US in simple Gujarti/English.
  • Spiritual inspiration for the Youth
  • EC member of Shrimad Rajchandra Aatma Tatva Research Center.

For more information on the speaker please click on the link below:

For any questions or concerns, please contact: 





Samkit Shibir By Shri Champaklal Mehta - (July 10 - 12, 2015)



We are happy to announce that the registration is now open for Samkit Shibir by Shri Champaklal Mehta.  It will be held on the revised date of July 10-12, 2015 (Friday -Sunday) at Jain Center. 

This "Samkit" is explained based on 67 Bol Sajjay from Pujya Mahopadhyay Shri Yashovijayji Maharaj. "Samkit" is also called "Atma Gyan" or "Samyag Darshan", which is a goal for any Sadhak who wants to attain complete happiness or Moksh. Samkit opens the door for Moksh and it guarantees it typically in 3, 5 or 15 life spans.  We will provide everyone with a paper copy of  67 Bol Sajjay from Pujya Mahopadhyay Shri Yashovijayji Maharaj (in Gujarati) during the Shibir.
Please click on the link below to register. There is no cost to register or for lunch. If you previously registered for this Shibir, you do not need to register again.

The Schedule for this Shibir is as follows:

Samkit Shibir (by Shri Champaklal Mehta) Schedule (July 10 - 12, 2015)


Friday July 10

Saturday July 11

Sunday July 12

9:15 -10:45 am


Session 2

Session 6* (starts 8:45)

10:45 - 11




11 -12:30


Session 3

Session 7

12:30-1:30 pm




1:30-3 pm


Session 4


3-3:30 pm


Tea break


3:30-5:30 pm


Session 5


8:30-10 pm

Session 1



* Session 6 to begin at 8:45 am on Sunday and will last two hours.


1. This Samkit Sajjay is based on 67 Bol Sajjay of Pujya Mahopadhyay Yashovijayji Maharaj. 
2. Please register for this Samkit Sajjay using the link in the email.





Wellness Challenge - Walk A Total Of 12 Miles.



For the upcoming weekly challenge we are challenging participants to walk a total of 12 miles. Walking is an exercise that people have enjoyed for centuries. It is safe, and the risk of injury or strain is lower than it is with other types of exercise. The cost involved in walking is low, because you just need a pair of comfortable shoes, or you may even walk barefoot. Walking for 10 minutes a day yields numerous benefits, and you can begin to experience these soon after you begin your walking routine. Consult your health practitioner before beginning any exercise program to ensure that you do not have health conditions or limitations that affect your ability to exercise safely. For more information and to participate in the challenge, click here.





Other News & Events



 3rd Anniversary Celebrations of Jinalaya in Irvine

The temple in Irvine is pleased to invite the Jain Community to participate in the 3rd Anniversary Celebrations of Parshvanath Jinalaya on Saturday, June 20, 2015 from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

Please Click to see the Flyer





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