The 9 Petalled Flower Of Peace ► Petal 3 - The military

Posted: 17.07.2015

We vow to work for the transformation of all military forces worldwide into minimalized non-offensive defence forces.[1] We vow to transform all military intelligence forces worldwide into peace protection and conflict resolution services.[2] We vow to transform all police forces and security services into violence prevention patrols and neighbourhood self-esteem community outreach workers.[3] We vow to transform our prisons into moral re-education centres where prisoners are taught the tools for personal ethical transformation and where restorative justice replaces punishment or retribution;[4] we vow to enable military engineers and scientists worldwide to change their career paths to high-tech peace related industries.[5] We vow to shift budgetary expenditures of military forces worldwide towards sustainable development expenditure for a peaceful world.[6] We vow to enable military forces to train up brigades of environmental forces equipped to handle environmental disasters such as the Fukushima disaster.[7] We vow to remove nuclear weapons from planet earth[8] and to explore non-nuclear sources of energy so that we can remove nuclear power as a necessary source of power worldwide.[9] We vow to transform the world from a conflict ridden, over militarized planet, into one in which tiny defence forces operate largely as peace education reminder remnants, with military museums showing the tragedies of world wars and in which our military bases are transformed into centres for non-violence training and conflict resolution skill sharing[10] and cultural and artistic workshops and areas of productive and creative activity.[11] We vow to work for a world in which military conscription is replaced by social civilian services in which young people give their time for socially beneficial activities for a couple of years instead.[12]

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