Posted: 21.05.2016
Ahimsa Walk ‘Ahimsa Walk‘ - Tamilnadu, an unique, voluntary movement in India For discovering, protecting, preserving, safe guarding the abandoned Jaina heritage sites, monuments, hills, dilapidated ancient temples, Thirthankara images from vandalism, destruction, quarrying, conversion. ‘Ahimsa walk’, a commoners movement has been designed and conducted by Thiru. A. Sridharan of Puduchery (Pondichery)...
Posted: 10.07.2015
Ahimsa Walk Konakondla, Andhra Pradesh 05.07.2015 Jai Jinendra, Konakondla a Jina place, once a prosperous place, is now counting its last days, but special thanks to Sridharan Appandairaj ji, whose efforts are making sure, that not even a single Jina place will see its last day specially in South BHARAT. Because of his efforts, after thousand years this place had seen so many people visiting this place, infact...
Posted: 25.06.2015
Ahimsa Walk Konakondla, Andhra Pradesh 05.07.2015

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