25.08.2015 ►JVBL ►Prof. Manchanda's Talk on Reversal of Heart Disease Through Meditation

Posted: 26.08.2015


Jain Vishva Bharati London

Hello Everyone

We are sure that everyone who attended the stimulating talks by distinguished Padma Shri Prof. S C Manchanda,  on the Benefits and Reversal of Heart Disease through Preksha Meditation found them to be very informative and beneficial. 

For those who did not attend and would like to listen to his talk on 23 August 2015, the link is as follows:


Please feel free to send this links to your friends and family who can learn more about the scientific approach Prof. Manchanda discussed in how Meditation assists and with possibility of regressing many medical ailments including Hypertension, Diabetes and Cardio related problems. 

Prof. Manchanda also talked about Diya India (www.diyaindia.org), a charity he is involved with for under privileged children. Link to his request for support is as follows:


If you wish to get a copy of his presentation, please send your request to this email.


Jain Vishwa Bharati London (JVBL)


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