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Posted: 08.09.2015
Updated on: 13.09.2015


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Hope you all have embarked upon some sort of Soul Cleaning process during our precious month of MahaParv Paryushan.

During past few years we have seen surge in requests for Pratikraman -PDF & MP3 during this month - hence we have updated our main page with a link for easy download without requirement of login id/password.

During this holy month, we request you to kindly read atleast one more new book to enrich your knowlege about Jainism and the path shown to us by our Jinas.

We pray for strength for all readers who take upon various Tap during Paryushan. We forgive and ask for forgivness from all - where we may have hurt anyone knowingly or unknowingly by Mann(Mind), Vachan(Speech) or Kaya(Body): Micchami Dukkadam

Monthly updates:

We showcase a book/article everyweek on our facebook page. Please check the same and let your suggestions keep coming.

Aug-2015 Statistics for website

New Readers found us in last month: 587
Average number of researcher per day: 940
Average literature downloaded per day: 280

Here's the list of Recent uploads:

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On behalf of Jain eLibrary Team
Raj Salecha & Pravin Shah

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