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Published: 09.09.2015
Updated: 09.09.2015

Jain Vegans
Jain Vegans


Our last issue saw the launch of our campaign, with the support of several UK Jain organisations, to consider giving up dairy over Paryushan.

We're pleased to say that the campaign is gaining momentum, and with only about 1 week left before Paryushan starts, we ask you to all to help draw attention to the campaign by spreading the word.

Jains are more active than ever in the vegan world. In this issue, read about some key upcoming or recent vegan activities and achievements by Heena Modi, Nishma Shah and Sagar K. Shah, who are all based in the UK, and also Pujya Pramodaben Chitrabhanu and Dr Tushar Mehta who are based North America

Dr. Tushar Mehta volunteering with Sea Shepherd, an international, non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation


  1. Jains in action to further the low-himsa vegan lifestyle
  2. 100% Jain & vegan food at Shree Digamber Jain Association workshop
  3. Upcoming vegan events
  4. NHS website supportive of a vegan diet
  5. Alternatives to dairy to help you give up

1. Jains in action to further the low-himsa vegan lifestyle

1) Dr. Tushar Mehta will be a guest spreaker at London Vegfest next month

Medical doctor, Dr Tushar Mehta will be visiting from Canada to share his extensive knowledge on the health benefits of plant-based nutrition. As well as practising in his hometown, Dr Tushar regularly visits other countries to help people in need, and is actively involved in youth empowerment and education in looking after our world. Tushar will be a guest speaker at VegfestUK London in October. Further details here:
http ://london . vegfest . co . uk/tushar-mehta

Here's an excellent and highly informative presentation by Dr Tushar Mehta titled 'Plant Based/Vegan Diet & Health - the Medical Evidence':
http ://goo . gl/NOeUO0

2) Sagar K. Shah gets elected to the Vegan Society Board of Trustees

In June, Jain Vegan Working Group founder member Sagar K .  Shah, was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Vegan Society. Sagar is the first Jain to serve on Vegan Society Council and will continue to work hard in ensuring this charitable organisation is even more efficient and effective in promoting its mission statement: "making veganism an easily adopted and widely recognised approach to reducing animal and human suffering, and environmental damage, by means of meaningful, peaceful and factual dialogue with individuals, organisations and companies."

3) Rainbow food for the Vegan Palate - by Pramodaben Chitrabhanu 

Published earlier this year, this book by Pramodaben has had excellent reviews:-

"This book is not just a cookbook for tasty, healthy, and cruelty-minimizing meals. It is also the foundation for a life of joy, abundance and peace for all." - Dr. Will Tuttle

"Pramoda Chitrabhanu’s deeply felt, honestly expressed, and joyously celebrated journey to a non-violent diet will nurture the book’s readership with a mother’s love." - Michael Tobias

Further details can be found here.

4) Heena Modi launches vegan recipe ebook

Recently, Plantshift founder, Heena Modi, self published a vegan recipe ebook - 'The way to a vegan's heart'. It features a variety of quick and easy recipes that generally take less than 30 minutes to prepare and is available to purchase from Amazon for just £1.99. 

5) Nishma Shah running several vegan cookery demonstrations, a class, and catering stalls

Nishma has a busy several weeks of vegan food-related action ahead.
Now a regular at the Vegfest events, she will be running cookery demos at Vegfest London (Olympia) on Saturday 10th October, and at Vegfest Scotland on Saturday 5th December:
http ://www . vegfestscotland . com/nishma-shah

On Thursday 3rd and Wednesday 23rd September, Nishma will be running a Gujarati-themed demonstration of pickles, chutneys & vegan chhaas, as part of the "India's Gateway" exhibition at The Library at Willesden Green

On Saturday 26th September, at a venue in central London, Nishma, together with an experienced Iranian cook, is running a Persian cuisine cookery class:
www . shambhus . co . uk/cookery

Finally, between now and the end of the year, Nishma (with husband Mahersh) is running her Shambhu's vegan catering stalls at several forthcoming vegan fairs - see the events listed in section 4 below for more information.

6) Jain Vegans stall at Jain Centre Fun Day, Colindale

On 19th July the Jain Vegans team had a presence at the Jain Centre Fun Day in Colindale, interacting with a significant proportion of the approx. 300 visitors that day. We were there to share information and display just some of the cruelty free food items that are now widely available from supermarkets and the high street. It was good to see so many new faces at the festival, with the majority expressing initial disbelief with what we were sharing about modern dairy practices.

2. 100% Jain & vegan food at Shree Digamber Jain Association workshop

A workshop to analyse happiness/unhappiness was held on Sunday, 9 August 2015 at the Ekta Centre, Kingsbury, London by the Shree Digamber Jain Association. A Jain vegan lunch was made by Dip's Caterers and served before the workshop and the day ended with Jain vegan tea and snacks.

  Garam Monthar -- please use coconut oil
  Dal Bhajia with Coconut Chutney (no yoghurt)
  Jain Samosas with Ambli Chutney
  Matar & Valor Sag
  Mixed Green Beans sag
  Rotli -- 50 % dry (Kori) & 50% with coconut oil spread
  Papad Farfar mix (no potato flour/starch, tapioca, etc.)
  Mexican Salad - Cucumber, Tomato, Sweet corn, Kidney Beans, Capsicum

3. Upcoming vegan events

1) Vibrant social events in London

For information on monthly informative talks, regular scenic walks at different locations in London, social meals at some of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in the city, social meetups in London among like-minded folk, check out the follow links:
www.londonveganmeetup. co.  uk

2) Demonstration of pickles, chutneys & vegan chaas
by Nishma Shah of Shambhu's:
Willesden Green library - Thursday 3rd & Wednesday 23rd September
(Part of the 'India’s Gateway: Gujarat, Mumbai and Britain' series)
More info. here.

3) Portsmouth Incredible Vegan Roadshow - Saturday 5th September
Nishma & Mahersh Shah of Shambhu's will be running their vegan catering stall at this event:-)
www. viva.org. uk/Portsmouth

4) A Taste of Persia
Vegan cookery class by Nishma Shah of Shambhu's:
Saturday 26th September, 4pm to 6.30pm, central London.
For details and online bookings:
www . shambhus . co . uk/cookery

5) VegfestUK - London (Olympia) - Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th October
http ://london  .  vegfest  .  co  .  uk
- Dr Tushar Mehta from Toronto will be one of the keynote speakers at this event on Saturday 10th October
http ://london . vegfest . co . uk/tushar-mehta
- Nishma Shah of Shambhu's will be running a cookery demo at this event on vegan sweets & treats (Saturday 10th September):

6) Northern Vegan Festival (Manchester) - Saturday 17th October
www . northernveganfestival . com

7) West Midlands Vegan Festival
Wolverhampton Civic Hall - Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th October
www . midlandsveganfestival . org . uk
Nishma & Mahersh Shah of Shambhu's will be running their vegan catering stall at this event:-)

7) Reversing Diabetes" - Saturday 31st October, Kings Langley
http ://sharan-india . org/events/reversing-diabetes-2/

8) Dorchester Vegan Fair - Saturday 7th November
www . veganfairs . uk/dorchester . html

9) Animal Aid's South West Xmas Without Cruelty Festival (Exeter) - Saturday 21st November
www . animalaid . org . uk/h/n/ACTIVE/demo_organiser//2260//

10) Winterfest (Leeds) - Sunday 22nd November
www . facebook . com/UKWinterFest

11) Cambridge Vegan Fair - Saturday 28th November
www   .   facebook   .   com/cambridgeveganfair

12) Vegfest Scotland (SECC Glasgow) - Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th December
- Nishma Shah of Shambhu's will be running two cookery demonstrations at this event:
www . vegfestscotland . com/nishma-shah

13) Animal Aid's Xmas Fayre (Kensington Town Hall) - Sunday 6th December
www   .   animalaid   .   org   .   uk/h/n/ACTIVE/demo_organiser//2260//
Nishma & Mahersh Shah of Shambhu's will be running their vegan catering stall at this event:-)

4. NHS website supportive of a vegan diet

5. Alternatives to dairy to help you give up

It is possible to get a range of dairy free alternatives to traditionally animal based products. Normally available from free-from sections of supermarkets and also from healthfood stores.

You can easily replace:

  • Cow milk with Soya/Rice/Almond/Coconut Milk (Supermarket ownbrands, AlproProvamel, Bonsoy, Ecomil, Koko)
  • Yoghurt / Dahi with plant based curds (Provamel, Alpro, Sojade)
  • Butter with vegetable spreads (Pure and Vitalite are commonly available from supermarkets. Note many margarines contain butter milk and thus are not suitable for vegans)
  • Cheese / Paneer with Dairy Free Cheeses (Tofu, VBites, Scheese, Tofutti, Vegusto, Vegourmet)
  • Ice Creams with sorbets or dairy free ice creams (Bessant and Drury, Swedish Glace, Booja Booja, Worthenshaws)
  • Chocolate with dark chocolate (Plamil and Organica do specialist dairy free ‘milk chocolate’ and many brands do vegan dark chocolate)
  • Eggs with egg replacement powder (baking) or tofu (scrambled)
  • Honey with  maple syrup, rice syrup, agave syrup, date syrup or golden syrup
With warm wishes,
The Jain Vegans Team
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