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❖ THUMB-RULE @ Attaining truth means attaining our true nature, getting close to purest form of our soul. An unblemished soul can only attain truthfulness. Truthfulness is nothing but the pristine form of conscience in the absence of all four passions (anger, arrogance, maya (deceit), & greed). ❖ Paryushan/Das Lakshan *Celebration of Soul - [UTTAM SATYA (SUPREME TRUTHFULNESS) - DAY 5] ❖

· Our life is as genuine as our ingenuity of our mind.
· Only those who are free of all Kashayas attain a life of truth.

The prerequisite to attain a truthful life is to make our mind truthful. To achieve this, our Acharyas have listed eight steps:

1. Never doubt truth & genuineness.
2. Even if a lie can get you everything in this world, never have a desire for this world. Instead only if we desire truth can we attain a truthful life.
3. Never disgust truth, never disgust a truthful person. What happens generally is that we loathe a truthful person; we consider him a fool, an out of date person. Stay away from such feelings.
4. Whatever may be the incentives given, we shouldn’t desist from the path of truth.
5. We may commit some mistakes while practicing truth, ignore those mistakes.
6. A person trying to walk on the path of truth may defer on some instance, we should not only ignore his one off mistakes but also give him the chance to stabilize.
7. Whenever the feeling of affection comes in the mind, feel affectionate for truth.
8. Start respecting truth & true people.

Whenever we don’t praise a person for his truthfulness, it’s incentivizing him to follow the path of lies. Nowadays it appears that liars get more benefits & so people think it’s better we lie & find an easy way out.

For example, a student couldn’t do his homework due to headache. When enquired in the class by the teacher, the student truthfully says that he couldn’t complete his homework due to headache. The teacher punishes this student thinking that he must be giving lame excuses.

On the other hand another student who didn’t do his homework lied with confidence that he has done his homework. The teacher didn’t even check his copy. So the other student thought “what the use of my truthfulness is.” I could have also lied like him & would have escaped the punishment.

On such occasions we must try to enquire in a justified manner & make sure that we always praise the true person. If we always praise truth then slowly our life will also become truthful.

Meaning of Truth
It is necessary that we are truthful first & then speak the truth. Even a truth spoken by a liar can be very harmful. Speaking truth doesn’t only mean stating a fact as it is. Before telling a fact, Acharyas have asked us to consider the following - first of all avoid use of words so far as possible, that’s the most desirable situation. If this is not possible then speak words that are not going to hurt others. When we renounce all such detrimental words & swear to speak the truth then it’s called “Satya Mahavrat”.

Jain Acharyas have defined truth as - that which is harmless (hitkari)is truth. A truth that will cause harm to someone is put into the category of lies. Jain Acharyas say that it is secondary whether you are telling a fact as it is or not. What’s more important is whether it is saif with pure intentions or with feelings of anger-greed-mockery etc.

Intention is Important
While speaking truth weight it on the following criteria - firstly speak the truth, make sure you are saying with a good intent & pure mind, a truth spoken with a maligned conscience would also be converted to a lie.

Secondly, before speaking truth think over its impact, the result. Remember words have a significant impact; you may get into a fight with someone & beat him up - he may forget that in a few days. But if your words have hurt someone deeply, then its impression will remain on his mind for a lifetime.

Wealth & power are two things that divert a person from truth. Once you know that you have a command over something (due to money or power), then it’s very easy to forget the path of truth. So be cautious of these two, & even if you achieve them never forget the path of truth & modesty.

Speak - that which is true & delightful
On the path of truth all we need to do is to be a bit cautious & speak that which is true & delightful at the same time. Let’s take a small example to understand this:

A king wanted to make a portrait picture of him. Many artists were called to do this. A king’s portrait shall be really beautiful. But our king had a problem - he had lost one of his eyes. On one hand the picture should be beautiful & on the other hand if the picture is to show the truth then it won’t have an eye & wouldn’t look beautiful.

So one of the artists thought “I’ll draw what’s true, & not what’s pleasing (but untrue).” He made a beautiful picture except that it didn’t have an eye. The king didn’t like that picture.

Another artist thought “The picture should look beautiful irrespective of whether it shows the truth or not.” So he made the picture with two beautiful eyes. Looking at that the king said “That’s a beautiful portrait, but it doesn’t show the truth.”

This one looks pleasing but is untrue. First one didn’t look pleasing but wasn’t true. Both got rejected. A truth that’s unpleasant is not appropriate neither is a lie that’s pleasing.

Third artist made another picture. In that the king looks mighty, is brave & is shown as an archer. He has a bow & an arrow in his hand & is taking an aim. While taking an aim one eye has to be closed, this way the artist pictures the king with one eye closed. That picture was passed because it was both true & delightful.

Similarly if we make an effort & cautiously use our speech then there is no doubt that we will rise in our life. Every day try to find at least one such incident where even if we had to lie to someone (for pity gains, or out of fear), then confess it to that person before the evening.

Let’s pray that we become true & genuine by the day.

Article Source: These preaching's by Ascetic Kshamasagara G, efforts to translate into English by Maitree Samooh.

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#update #AcharyaShri:) ❖ समाचार- बीना बारहा में विराजमान आचार्य श्री विद्यासागर जी से आशीर्वाद लेने पहंुचे सागर कलेक्टर श्री अशोक सिंह जी, देवरी अनुविभागीय अधिकारी ए.एन.अरोरा जी एवं संदीप दुबे अयाची (टी.आई) साथ ही नायब तहसीलदार मोहित जैन साथ में हैं बीना जी बारहा
क्षेत्र के अध्यक्ष संतोष जैन, एवं मुकेश जैन ❖

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News in Hindi

❖ काल सिंह ने घेरा भव-वन में, नहीं बचावन हारा कोई यो समझो वन में - आज उत्तम सत्य के आचार्य विद्यासागर जी के विशेष प्रवचन जरुर पढ़े और शेयर करे!!! ❖

आचार्य श्री कहते है स्वर्गो में छह महीने आयु रह जाने पर जब अचानक माला मुरझा जाती है तो सारा का सारा वैभव रहते हुए भी पसीना जैसा उनको आने लगता है, और वो छह महीने निकालना मुश्किल लगने लगता है, सारा का सारा परिवार समझाता है लेकिन माला मुरझाने पर पता चल गया की अब मृत्यु निकट है, मृत्यु एक सत्य वस्तु है और निश्चित रूप से होने वाली है, और स्वर्गो में मिथ्यद्रष्टि की इतनी बुरी दशा हो जाती है की उस अज्ञान दशा में अगर कोई उपदेश देना चाहे तो भी ज्ञान काम नहीं करता, कर्म सिद्धांत कहता है मरना तो पड़ेगा जब आयु कर्म ख़तम हुआ, मनुष्य भी दुबारा मनुष्य तो बन सकते है लेकिन उसमे भी मरना तो पड़ेगा, उस पर्याय तो मिटना तो पड़ेगा, पर्यायो का परिवर्तन होता है, कोई यहाँ हमेशा के लिए रह नहीं सकता है, पहले भवन में एश आराम किया और माला मुरझाने के बाद भगवान् को याद करते हो? अब क्या? अब कुछ नहीं हो सकता! पहले तो भोगो में रमे रहे कुछ किया नहीं अब बस छह महीने में कर सकते हो तो करलो, ये सत्य है आयु बांध हो चूका है! काल सिंह ने घेरा भाव वन में, नहीं बचावन हारा कोई यो समझो वन में!

मृत्यु से सम्यक दर्शन वाला जीव कभी नहीं डरता वो सोचता है मुझे विषयो में नहीं लगना, अगर विषयो में लग जाऊँगा तो दुर्लभ अवसर ख़तम हो जाएगा क्योकि आयु बांध के बाद कोई परिवर्तन नहीं किया जा सकता है, खूब जवान व्यक्ति भी आयु कर्म ख़तम होने पर एक क्षण मात्र में समाप्त हो सकता है, भैया जिस पैट्रोल के द्वारा गाडी चलती थी, अगर पैट्रोल नहीं है तो कंपनी से आई नयी गाडी भी नहीं चल सकेगी, उसी प्रकार कितना भी उच्च कोटि का शारीर क्यों ना हो उसको भी जाना होगा, शरीर स्वस्थ होते हुए भी, mind वाला होते हुए भी, ये शरीर क्यों पड़ा रह गया भैया आत्मा उड़ गयी शरीर पड़ा रह गया, और काया मिटटी में मिल जाती है, कुछ व्यक्ति तो समय को काटने में लगे रहते है, क्योकि जिस व्यक्ति को तत्त्व ज्ञान की समझ नहीं वो काम को लम्बा समझ लेते है, बंधुओ ये सत्य घटना है मृत्यु एक समय में हो जायेगी और ये सारे रिश्ते नाते ख़तम, ये हसने का विषय नहीं बहुत सोचने वाली बात है...

जो भवन में है स्वर्ग में है रो रहा है मैं कहा जाऊंगा, वो चिंता में मरा जा रहा है, जो यहाँ मनुष्य में है वो भी रो रहा है कोई वस्तु की कमी से रो रहा है कोई बिमारी से रो रहा है अरे हर जगह जीव रो ही रहा है शांति कहा है? समझ नहीं आरहा है, वो वन में है और अभाव सहित है वो भी रो रहा है, जहा पहचान है वस्तु तत्त्व है वही शांति है और ये अज्ञान के कारन ही दुःख की अनुभूति होती है, ये सब कर्मो के खेल है, दुःख का अनुभव मोह के कारन और उसके साथ attachment के कारन हो रहा है! बंध और उदय की परिक्रिया रुक ही नहीं रही है, एक तरफ कर्म आ रहाहै दूसरी और बंध चल रहा है, प्रत्येक व्यक्ति उसी कर्म में व्यस्त है, वे धन्य है जो इस कर्म बंध को नहीं लाने देते!

ये Article आचार्य श्री विद्यासागर जी महाराज के उत्तम सत्य के प्रवचनों के आधार से लिखा है - Sorry for anykind mistake - Nipun Jain

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