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Jai Jinendra Everyone


Shree Chandana Vidyapeeth School (SCVP) have extended their invitation to us all to attend a thought provoking talk by Dr. Tushar Mehta. Details are as follows.

As part of the adult class lecture series this term exploring the relationship between Ethics. Morality and Spirituality, SCVP Jain School is delighted that Dr. Tushar Shah of Toronto will give a stimulating talk on the evening of 9 October exploring this subject in the context of non-violence as defined by Jain principles. 

Dr Tushar is a very well known and experienced practitioner, a medical doctor by profession and a vegan, who lives and works in Canada. He has wide ranging experience of actual work in areas such as conservation and protecting the environment and is at the forefront of various initiatives to bring these issues to the mainstream. He has worked at sea with Sea Shepherd environment organisation and taken active roles in Jiv Daya and Environment protection schemes. 

You will find the topic of immense interest, practical importance and inspiring - so make every effort to attend!!


JVB Europe Trip

There has been an overwhelming interest in the JVB Europe trip to Amsterdam and Antwerp Derasar. Only 20 seats are remaining....if you are interested in joining this Charity Party please register ASAP by sending an email to jvblondon1(at)gmail.com or contacting any of the organising team mentioned in the flyer below.

Respected Samanijis will also be joining in this trip. What a unique blessing of having them joining this pilgrimage. 

Although the flyer indicates travel from Dover ferry, the mode of travel is now going to be with Eurostar, to make the journey time shorter and more comfortable. 

Departure is on Eurostar Friday 30 October 2015 8am and return on Eurostar, Sunday 1 November at 9pm. 

To ensure that group bookings are done, kindly express your interest as soon as possible.


Jain Vishwa Bharati London (JVBL)

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