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Posted: 02.11.2015
Updated on: 07.11.2015


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Jain eLibrary

Jai Jinendra,

Hope you are able to utilize our website as we continue to keep on adding new books and articles every month. 

We have been receiving quite a lot of request for new books. However, many of them already exist on our website. We humbly request you to please search them on our site and only if you dont find it then submit a New Book request. For those who are sharing your books to be uploaded - we continue to reivew them and based on the Selection panel review upload them on our site.

We also have quite a number of users who directly interact with us on Social network like Facebook - We showcase a literature everyweek on that page. Please send us your comments and suggestion if you want to highlight any specific book on the facebook.

Last month, we had some issue with unsubscription, but that has been resolved. In case you unsubscribed from this email list and still receiving an email - do please let us know and we'll promptly unsubscribe you. We have no intention to overflow your mailbox when you dont want it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Statistics for website
    New Readers found us in last 2 months: 1709
    Average number of researcher per day: 990
    Average literature downloaded per day: 310

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Raj Salecha & Pravin Shah

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