09.11.2015 ►Bhagavan Mahavir Nirvan Lecture ►Non-violence: An Educational Imperative

Posted: 17.11.2015
Updated on: 18.11.2015


On 9th November, under the Bhagavan Mahavir Nirvan Lecture Series of Jain Studies Programme, Prof. Tara Sethia was invited to speak on “Non-violence: An educational Imperative” from Poly Tech University, Pamona. Event started with the recitation of Namaskar Mahamantra followed by short introductory speech by Samani Shukla Pragya. She spoke on the significance of Non-violence in this modern world where we see constant conflict and war between and within the countries, communities, societies, families, and mind itself. She further said to get rid of violence, only the way is to train the subconscious mind. Prof. Johnstag, Director of the School of International Public Affairs agreed upon samaniji’s views also shared his thoughts on Non-violence.

Prof. Tara Sethia, in her talk gave a data of increasing violence in schools and other academic and educational institution. She made people acquainted with the Ahimsa Centre run by her at Poly Tech University, and also introduced its functions.  She gave the information about school teachers’ training in non-violence programme organised every other year by this centre in which many school teachers take part.  Her lecture was followed by question-&-answer session. Event was attended by students and faculties of FIU as well as Jain Community of Miami. The whole event was jointly organised by Jain Studies Program of FIU and JERF (Jain Education Research Foundation). It was very well received by audience.


2015.11.09 FIU.Bhagavan Mahavir Nirvan Lecture 01


2015.11.09 FIU.Bhagavan Mahavir Nirvan Lecture 02


2015.11.09 FIU.Bhagavan Mahavir Nirvan Lecture 03


2015.11.09 FIU.Bhagavan Mahavir Nirvan Lecture 04


2015.11.09 FIU.Bhagavan Mahavir Nirvan Lecture 05

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