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Posted: 16.02.2016

Lesson - 3

Samayika Patha
(The text of samayika)

The basic teaching of Jainism is equanimity (samata). One becomes great through the inculcation of equanimity.

The vow which helps in the development of equanimity is called Samayika, which means equanimity towards everybody. We utter this text to adopt the determination of equanimity. Jainism attaches great prominence to Samayika. So children must cultivate the practice of Samayika.

Karemi bhante samaiyam


O Lord! I am now starting the practice of samayika.

Savajjam jogam


From sinful activities



I withdraw myself



Till the requisite period of samayika

muhuttam egam


Forty eight minutes



I shall practise

Duviham tivihenam


By three karanas and two yogas

Na karemi, na karavemi


I shall neither do nor make others do

Mansa, vayasa, kayasa


By thought, word or deed



From the sinful activities performed earlier



O Lord!



I withdraw myself



I censor them.



I condemn them in the presence of Guru.

Appanam vosirami


I absolve my soul from the sins.

Self-introspection about samayika

In the event of any fault committed in the observance of the ninth vow samayika, I express self-condemnation if:

1.       I have indulged in sinful activity of mind.
2.       I have indulged in sinful activity of speech
3.       I have indulged in sinful activity of body.
4.       I have not obeyed the rules of samayika fully.
5.       I have finished samayika before determined duration.

Tassa micchami dukkadam, may all my sins become fruitless.

The instruments of samayika, how samayika is performed, all these information can be read in 17th lesson.
(Note: period of samayika is one muhurta i.e. 48 minutes.)


  1. Write the text of samayika correctly.
  2. What is renounced in samayika?
  3. What is the duration of samayika?
  4. With how many karanas and yogas is samayika practiced?
  5. What are the five transgressions of Samayika?
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