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Posted: 17.02.2016

Lesson - 4

Mangala Patha
(The text of the Auspicious)

Chattari mangalam-


There are four auspicious entities.

Arahanta magalam-


The adorable ones arihantas are auspicious

Siddha mangalam-


The emancipated are auspicious

Sahu mangalam-


The saints are auspicious

Kevali pannatto


The dharma preached by the kevalis

dhammo mangalam-


is auspicious

Chattari loguttama-


The four are the best in the world

Arahanta loguttama-


The adorable ones are the best in the world

Siddha loguttama-


The saints are the best in the world.

Kevali pannatto dhammo loguttamo


All the kevalis are the best in the world

Chattari saranam pavajjami-


I take refuge in the four

Arahante saranam pavajjami-


I take refuge in the adorable ones

Siddha sarnam povajjami-


I take refuge in the emancipated

Sahu saranam pavajjami-


I take refuge in the saints

Kevali pannattam dhamman-saranam pavajjami-


I take refuge in the dharma preached by kevalis

Every animate being desires for the auspicious, and he also endeavors in that direction, but only few people recognize the real auspicious. The common people regard coconut, milk, rice etc. as auspicious but in the spiritual sphere, the adorable ones are the arihants, the emancipated, the saints, and the religion are called auspicious. Truly speaking, this text of the auspicious is a powerful mantra. The very listening of it fills one with confidence, will power and enthusiasm for work. In jainism, the text of auspicious is considered a mantra just like the Namaskar Mahamantra. Therefore, we should always keep it in mind. It is beneficial to remember it at the outset of  any acticity. Along with it let every child get the following couplet by heart:

Mangalam goutama gani
Mangalam bhagavan viro
Mangalam sthulibhadradyah
Jaina dharmostu mangalam


  1. Which are the four most auspicious?
  2. Rewrite the mangal patha correctly.
  3. Whose refuge should be taken?
  4. Which are the worldly auspicious?
  5. Fill in the blanks:
    • Mangal patha is............... mantra.
    • Mangal patha is............... like a............... mantra.
    • Before beginning any auspicious work............... should be heard.
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