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Posted: 19.02.2016

Acharya Mahashraman Ahimsa Yatra Nepal
Birgunj - Kathmandu - Biratnagar


  1. Nepal Entry
  2. Touring Birgunj to Hetauda
  3. Ascending from Hetauda to Kathmandu
  4. Camping in Kathmandu
  5. Descending from Kathmandu to Janakpur
  6. Cross border Tour - Janakpur to Biratnagar

Section 5: Descending From Kathmandu To Janakpur  

5.4: In the Plains, once again

2015.06.05 Janakpur - Ahimsa Yatra Nepal 11
Acharya Mahashraman in front of Janaki Temple at Janakpur on 5th June 2015


Change in Region, weather, environment, language
3rd June:

Acharya Mahashraman started from Bardibas towards Naktajhing in the morning. H.H. crossed over Mahottari district border and entered Dhanusha district. Chief District Officer Mr. Krishna Prasad Dhungana and Superintendent of Police Mr. Ganesh Thapa welcomed H.H. to new district.

2015.06.03 Ahimsa Yatra Nepal 03  
Ahimsa Yatra on the way towards next major destination - Janakpur

Upon crossing over the mountain region, significant change in weather, culture, houses, language is noticeable. Locals seem to be using Maithili more instead of Nepali language. Environment seems to be less clean as compared to that in mountains.  Local culture seems to be similar to that of Bihar state in India. It’s hot over here. Big groups of mosquitoes and there bites keep interrupting the sleep.

2015.06.03 Ahimsa Yatra Nepal 06
Acharya Mahashraman passing by a busy village market

On the way, a truck was just about to take over the Ahimsa Yatra caravan. Two people riding a motorcycle, coming from front, lost the balance and met an accident with the truck. One of the bike riders was seriously injured. Later it was known that his health was improving and is out of danger.

2015.06.03 Ahimsa Yatra Nepal 10
Villagers visiting Acharya Mahashraman at campsite in school at Naktajhing

After a walk of 13 KM, H.H. arrived at Shree Janta Higher Secondary School in Naktajhing. Today’s camping took place at this school premises. Local Parliament member Mr. Shatrughna Mahato visited H.H. in the evening.


4th June:

2015.06.04 Ahimsa Yatra Nepal 08
Acharya Mahashraman towards Sapahi

Acharya Mahashraman started towards Sapahi in the morning. Both side of the road had beautiful farms of mango, banana, jackfruit, sugar cane & maize. It rained mildly during the journey.

2015.06.04 Ahimsa Yatra Nepal 05
Ahimsa Yatra entering Sapahi

Thousands of villagers from Sapahi were excited to see H.H. and various groups warmly welcomed H.H on the way. People unaware of Jain monkhood rules showered flowers on H.H. and also brought fruits, money, etc. to gift but H.H. didn’t accept all these gifts. After a walk of 11.6 KM, H.H. arrived at Shree V.P. Koirala Secondary School in Sapahi for camping. The school is still under construction and has no doors and window yet.

Shortly after arrival, it started raining heavily. Morning hour assembly session started but then had to be suspended. Villagers were very happy to have rain as they were waiting for it for a long time. They took it as a result of H.H. blessings.

2015.06.04 Ahimsa Yatra Nepal 10
Sapahi residents requesting Acharya Mahashraman for not shifting to another village for night camping

As the rooms didn’t had doors and windows, discussion started to find another venue for camping, to be safe in case any storm happens. Volunteers started looking for a venue on the way from Sapahi to Janakpur. When Sapahi villagers got to know about plan of shifting to new campsite, they insisted H.H. not to leave the village. They said - “We can’t let H.H. leave the village. It has rained after a long time upon H.H. arrival. How can H.H. leave us? We assure to not let H.H. go through any such difficulty.” How H.H. could ignore villagers feeling? H.H. accepted to continue today’s camping at the same school.

Thousands of villagers kept visiting H.H. throughout the day. In an afternoon session, many villagers accepted all the three vows of Ahimsa Yatra.
Sapahi is also birth place of current President of Nepal Dr. Ramvaran Yadav. The President sent a letter to H.H. as a token to welcome and convey best wishes. 


Grand welcome at Janakpur, Maa Sita’s native place

5th Jun:

Acharya Mahashraman started towards Janakpur in the morning. H.H. these days is in historical Mithila state. This region is very special for both Jain and Hindu traditions for pre-historical reasons. Tirthankars Lord Mallinath and Lord Naminath in Jainism have their birth places in this region. Janakpur is famous for Maa Sita’s native place.

2015.06.05 Janakpur - Ahimsa Yatra Nepal 04
Warm welcome to Ahimsa Yatra at Janakpur

H.H. is entering Janakpur today. Parliament’s local representative Dr. Vijay Kumar, Mr. Dinesh Prasad Shah, Mr. Dhamendra Shah, Chief District Officer Mr. Krishnaprasad Dhungana, SSP Mr.  Suresh Shah, SP Mr. Ganesh Bahadur Thapa, SP Mr. Ravindra Thakur, Ex- mayor Mr. Bajrang Prasad Shah and many other distinguished personalities warmly welcomed H.H. near Ramanand Square. Representatives of many local organizations and communities participated in welcome procession. 
2015.06.05 Janakpur - Ahimsa Yatra Nepal 05
Ahimsa Yatra welcome procession towards campsite at Janakpur

The procession passed through the Janaki Temple. H.H. chanted auspicious hymns in front of Maa Sita’s idol. Janak Maharshi Temple was also on the way. H.H. arrived at the Mr. Madanlal Duggar family residence for camping.

H.H. mentioned during morning hour assembly - “Lord Ram is known as son-in-law of this place. From this perspective, we have come to his in-laws place. There is a relation between Ayodhya and Janakpur. May this relation help in strengthening the ties between India and Nepal. Lord Ram is an example of equanimity and Sita Ji is an example of character.”  


6th - 8th June:

2015.06.06 Janakpur - Ahimsa Yatra Nepal 03
Morning hour discourse assembly at Janakpur on 6th Jun

It was earlier planned to stay at Janakpur for one day but due to aggressive travel through mountain region, H.H had few extra days before reaching Biratnagar. Considering request from local people, H.H. decided to extend the camping at Janakpur for 4 days. H.H. also decided to extend the stay at Rajviraj from 3 days to 7 days.

2015.06.07 Janakpur - Ahimsa Yatra Nepal 07
Nepal Army personnel visiting Acharya Mahashraman at Janakpur on 7th June

During morning walk on 8th June, H.H. visited the Janakpur Railway station. It was told that this is the only railway station of Nepal. Due to construction of broad gauge, the rail transportation is full suspended in Nepal.

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