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Posted: 04.03.2016
Updated on: 07.03.2016


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Jai Jinendra

We are happy to annouce that few of our committe member trips various libraries in India resulted to getting the access to rare hertigate of the great knowledge in ancient books and literature. We are in process of uploading them to online database for greater access to all our readers.

We would request all our readers especially in India to spread a word for the website at local Jain Centers, Temples & to Munishree for access to Jain Literature. Make sure to mention that it's Free and devoid of any external advertisment. The request is being made after getting few feedback that not many people are aware of this online resources. So, who else then our current reader can possibly spread the word to other readers interested in reading and getting more direct knowledge staright from the Literature. Let us know if you'd like to have a 1-page Flyer that can be displayed, pasted or shared with centers around you.

We also request you to kindly keep on sending the suggestions and comments on our work and features that you'd like to see.

Note: Recently we have received number of emails that readers are not able to download or login to the website to access literature using Apple iPhone devices. We have received mixed responses and request you to use different browser on those devices to resolve this. Standard safari browser on iPhone device is causing issues in some of the iOS versions. However - please let us know if you continue to get issue and we'll try our best to resolve it.


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New Readers found us in last month: 503

Average number of researcher per day: 900

Average literature downloaded per day: 260


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