28.02.2016 ►Ladnun ►Rajasthan Level Jain Vidya Training Workshop

Published: 04.03.2016
Updated: 09.01.2018

Ladnun: 28.02.2016

Rajasthan level Jain Vidya Center In charges workshop was organized in Ladnun. It was divided in four sessions.

First Session

Under the auspicious presence of Samani Niyojika Riju Pragya the inaugural session propitiously began with the melodious Mangalacharana by Jaipur team. The programme continued with a beautiful presentation of Gyanshala Students, Ladnun, Melodious and inseparable Geet by Samani Punya Pragya and Dramaturgy Staging by Kanya Mandal and Gyanshala trainers, Sujangarh. Samani Niyojika gave a compendious homily. Nilesh Baid, Director, Saman Sanskriti Sankaya apprised about movements of the Sankaya. Welcome speech given by Mahalchand Bengani, President of the Department and the session was successful hosted by Hemlata Nahata, Udaipur.

Second Session

This training session started with the melodious Mangalacharana by Terapanth Mahila Mandal, Ladnun. Mahalchand Bengani, President of the Department appreciated trainers and made them update about forthcoming activities. Nilesh Baid, Director of the Department threw a light on a very meaningful subject - How to develop Jain Vidya.'

Third Session

Opportunity to get blessings and inspiration from the Charitra Souls. The session propitiously began with the reciting of auspicious Namaskar Mahamantra by the Monks. Muni Mohjeet Kumar gave a training on 'How to make Jain Vidya a Jeevan Vidya (Life Education). Shasan Sri Muni Vimal Kumar addressed with 'Attraction of Jain Vidya in this Modern Era and Shasan Sri Muni Sukhlal preached about 'Why the Jain Vidya is Necessary?' Vote of thanks was given by Shiva Kumar Dhelaria and the session was successfully hosted by the area coordinator Sarita Baradia, Jaipur.

Forth Session

This session was headed by Samani Charitra Pragya and Samani Samyktva Pragya. Sushil Bafana, One of the In charges and members of Curriculum Committee, Saman Sanskriti Sankaya apprised about the efforts taken by the Sankaya to increase the number of Students in the Jain Vishva Bharti University courses. Sushila Golcha, coordinator, Rajasthan also put forward her views. Overall the workshop was very successful.

Gyanshala Students

Terapanth Mahila Mandal

Muni Mohjeet Kumar, Muni Sukhlal, Muni Vimal Kumar

Mahalchand Bengani, Nilesh Baid

Samani Charitra Pragya, Samani Samyktva Pragya

Samani Riju Pragya, Samani Punya Pragya

Sushil Bafana
Edited by Kavita Bhansali
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