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Posted: 11.03.2016

Lesson - 26


Sushila: Mother, you always rebuke Nila, but you never behave with Shyama like this. Why is it so, mother?

Mother: Shyama is very polite and a well-behaved girl.

Sushila: In what respect is she polite?

Mother: She always obeys me and understands my gestures. She bows to the elders every morning and evening. She regularly visits the monks and nuns, pays them obeisance even if she meets them on the way. She never quarrels with anybody. She does gladly whatever I ask her to do. She is friendly with everybody. How pleasing is to see her head bowed and hands folded in reverence!

Sushila: Mother, she has even captivated my heart.

Mother: Daughter, humility is a bewitching mantra, it even melts stone-hearted people.

Sushila: Mother, is Nila not humble?

Mother: Oh, no! Where is politeness to be found in her? She always responds rudely and does no work properly. She doesn’t pay her attention to studies. She wanders here and there the whole day. That is why nobody likes her.

Sushila: If a person devoid of humility develops such habits, then I shall be humble to every body from now onwards.

Mother: Yes, my dear child. Humility is a good attribute of a person. Humility is a pre-requisite to success in worldly life as well as in the religious path. Naughtiness is not considered good any where. You must have seen that Trees laden with fruits bend very low whereas a dry tree can never bend as it may break in doing so. Daughter, the learned are always humble, while the foolish never show politeness.

Sushia: Mother, now I get the point. Whenever monks and nuns visit our houses for collecting alms etc.; you all stand up, bow your heads, fold your hands. So this is the thing, why you respect them.

Mother: Yes, Sushila, They are our religious teachers. Whatever respect we show to them is meagre. Daughter, they show us the path of self-refinement. It is our primary duty to show humility to our elders, similarly it is our duty to respect our religious teachers.

Sushila: Mother, today you have taught me a good lesson. I shall always be humble and never show impoliteness.


  1. Why does the mother like Shyama?
  2. Why does the mother does not like Nila?
  3. What should be done when monks and nuns visit our house?
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