12.03.2016 ►Varanasi ►Alok Bhansali Appointed State In Charge of Mahasabha

Posted: 14.03.2016
Updated on: 09.01.2018


Alok Bhansali appointed as Uttar Pradesh State coordinator of Jain Shvetambar Terapanthi by its President Kishanlal Dagalia.

A very energetic youth and always ready to do something creative. He is already serving duty as regional coordinator of Uttar Pradesh for Saman Sanskriti Sankay. His dwelling is situated on highway so the family gets chance of Shayyatar for many groups of Monks and Nuns going to or coming from Eastern part of India. His family tradition is inspiring him to do purposeful work for Terapanth Dharm Sangh. His grandfather Dr. Jethmal Bhansali was very active and he was the person who worked tirelessly as the editor for the first book of Acharya Mahapragya to be published, ‘Jeev Ajeev’ way back in year..., It was also the first ever published book of Terapanth Dharma Sangh. Alok’s father Manickchand Bhansali was Amrit Sansad for many years.

We also feel happy Alok is the husband of HN4U team member Kavita Bhansali. She proved herself in short time to handle many projects.

We wish a successful tenure to Alok and hope that he proves cooperative and give us the first hand information of Mahasabha activities.

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