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Posted: 17.03.2016

Lesson - 28

Abstain From Sin

In a village there lived a teacher named Ksirakadamba, who used to teach three disciples- Vasu, Parvata and Narada. Vasu was the prince of Rajnagar. Parvata was the son of a teacher and Narada was the son of a Brahmin. The teacher taught them lovingly. One day, many sages were gathered at a place and were talking together about the three disciples of Ksirakadamba. They discussed that two of them are doomed to go to hell while only one shall get heaven. The teacher overheard their conversation and wanted to test the intelligence of his disciples. He prepared cocks made of flour which looked like real cocks. He called his disciples and giving one cock to each of them said, Take it with you and kill it where nobody witnesses you.

Vasu and Parvata went in a dark cave and killed their cocks. Narada too went in a lonely place, but returned with the cock as it is. The teacher asked, ‘Have all of you killed your cocks?’ Vasu and Parvata said, Yes, we have obeyed your orders. Narada reported, No Sir. The teacher asked, ‘why didn’t you carry out my command?’

Narada: I have rightly obeyed you. I did not find any place where nobody observes me.

Teacher: Didn’t you find any solitary place to perform this act?

Narada: I had gone very far into the dense forest. As soon as I prepared to kill it, I remembered that though nobody is watching, yet God is all the time watching us. He is omnipresent. Thus I realized that no such place exists where nobody watches us.

The teacher concluded that the former two disciples are doomed to go to hell, whereas Narada shall find a place in heaven.

Moral: The person who doesn’t hesitate to kill anybody, is doomed to go to hell and the person who feels hesitation to kill achieves heaven.



  1. Why Narada could not find any solitary place?
  2. Why did Vasu and Parvata fail in the test administered by their teacher?
  3. Who is doomed to go to the hell?
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