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Jai Jinendra!

Sunday Pravachan: Samaniji will continue their lecture on 13th Paap (Abhvakhyan), 14th Paap (Paishunya) and 15th Paap (Par-Parivaad) as part of a series describing & characterising 18 Paap & their impact on our daily lives. Don’t miss this important session on Sunday, May 1st @ 10:30 AM followed by Lunch. Gyanshala starts at 9:50 AM on Sunday.

Event Updates:

  • 2nd I-choose workshop on" Dealing with Uncertainty with Certainty"

​The second workshop of I-Choose on" Dealing with Uncertainty with Certainty"on April 17th by distinguished speaker and JVB Board of Director, Mr. Alok Jain was targeted for professional of all ages and was very well received. To see event pictures,
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2-day Silent Preksha Meditation Camp aspired for Art & Science of Self Discovery

55 Preksha Meditators participated in a mega 2-day meditation camp in the calm & blissful surroundings of JVB Center under the spiritual presence & guidance of 4 Samanijis. Samani Shukla Pragyaji & Samani Rohit Pragyaji from UMI, Fl were the guest of honor. The camp started with a Preksha Geet & wow of silence for the duration of the camp and had soul enriching activities such as Color & Mantra Meditation techniques, Kayotsarg, Aahar Yog Sadhana,Yoga, Pranayam & two special Discourses on "Preksha Meditation; Why to Learn & "Preksha Meditation;Technique of Color Perception." Open Discussion & Feedback session was appreciated by one & all and everyone went home with a resolve to attend the Monthly Preksha. Meditation Camp on the 2nd Saturday of every month. To see camp pics, Pls. click here


  • May 14th - Monthly Preksha Meditation Workshop from 9AM-12PM
  • May 15th - Celebration of "Path of Ahimsa" program (Mahavir Jayanti, Akshay Tritiya and Tribute to Gurus) from 10:30AM - 12:00PM followed by Lunch.

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